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[News] Miccrosft Lobbyist CompTIA/Hugo Lueders Insists on Secrecy

  • Subject: [News] Miccrosft Lobbyist CompTIA/Hugo Lueders Insists on Secrecy
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 12:33:28 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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For Openness â and Open Source - We Need Transparency

,----[ Quote ]
| ...a cursory glance at the website of 
| CompTIA, which represents the global IT 
| industry, gives no details of the 
| association's membership. Asked by EurActiv 
| to comment on this, Hugo Lueders of 
| CompTIA's Brussels office said such details 
| were "trade secrets" that the association's 
| members did not wish to make known. 
| The idea that the names of members of a 
| major trade organisation could be âtrade 
| secretsâ would be pretty amusing at the 
| best of times, but in a context of 
| increasing openness and even nominal 
| political transparency, is simply risible. 
| It means that it is not possible for 
| politicians or members of the public to see 
| who exactly is behind CompTIA's lobbying 
| efforts, or to understand the real agendas 
| behind its actions. The CompTIA's 
| reluctance to release even something as 
| basic as its membership list can only be 
| viewed with a certain suspicion: after all, 
| as we are constantly reminded these days, 
| those with nothing to hide, have nothing to 
| fear... 


ICT Profession Supports Removal of Software Patent

,----[ Quote ]
| Following the Commerce Select Committeeâs 
| recommendation to the Government to remove 
| software from the Patents Act, the Society 
| polled its members (representing ICT 
| professionals throughout New Zealand), and 
| found that 81% of those that had a view 
| supported the recommendation to remove 
| Software from the Patents Act.




Kroes champions interoperability in draft 'digital agenda'

,----[ Quote ]
| Commenting on previous efforts to introduce
| a European Interoperability Framework (EIF),
| CompTIA, a global ICT industry group with
| member companies such as Microsoft among its
| members, said it was ''concerned about the
| proposal's promotion of ICT standards and
| development models that reject valid
| intellectual property'.'


Amazon patent up the creek in Europe

,----[ Quote ]
| From the IPKat's friend Kristof Neefs
| (Altius) comes this link to Decision T
| 1616/08, in which the European Patent
| Office's Technical Board of Appeal ruled
| that the subject matter of Amazonâs
| controversial One-click patent is obvious.
| In the decision of 11 November 2009, the
| application to patent a "Method and system
| for placing a purchase order via a
| communications network" was opposed by the
| Gesellschaft fÃr Informatik e.V., Fleurop-
| Interflora European Business Company AG and
| the FÃrderverein fÃr eine Freie
| Informationelle Infrastruktur e.V.(FFII
| e.V.).


Microsoft Antitrust Case Sparks Lobby Group Turf War

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest Microsoft antitrust battle in Europe has sparked a turf war
| between lobby groups that claim to represent small and medium size
| enterprises' (SMEs) interests in the case.PIN-SME, a lobby group on the side
| of the European Commission -- Europe's top antitrust authority -- hit out at
| rival the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) in a statement
| Thursday. The document dismissed ACT's claim earlier this week that SMEs need
| a solid Windows platform containing Internet Explorer (IE) for building
| software.
| [...]
| ACT this week submitted its opinions on the Microsoft antitrust case to the
| Commission. It said it is acting on behalf of 73 SME firms. ACT president
| Jonathan Zuck hit back at Toffaletti's criticism in an interview, pointing
| out that Microsoft is a sponsor, not a member, of the trade group, and
| defending his impartiality.Sponsors also include Oracle and eBay, and
| together their revenue comes to roughly the same amount as ACT makes from
| membership fees from its 4,000 members, Zuck said.
| [...]
| Another long-serving Microsoft ally in its European Commission antitrust
| battles, the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Thursday
| backed up Zuck's argument that SMEs are on Microsoft's side in the
| case.CompTIA is intervening in the Microsoft case on behalf of 90 SMEs, it
| said.


MediaFire: CompTIA: Patent Reform in the 111th Congress: Legislation and Recent
Court Decisions

,----[ Quote ]
| It is obvious that the astronomical cost of litigation is disastrous for many
| small U.S. businesses, and it requires settlement by the accused infringer.
| The frequent litigation surround the âpatent thicketâ can chill economic
| investment (e.g., venture capital and other R&D spending) and destroy a
| start-upâs attempt to enter the market and create jobs. We invite your
| attention to the patent litigation statistics published by many sources,
| including the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.



Embrace the Reality and Logic of Choice

,----[ Quote ]
| Another neo-colonialist press release from Microsoft's CompTIA lobbying arm,
| this time inveighing against South Africa's adoption of ODF as a national
| standard. One way to point out the absurdity of their logic is to replace the
| reference to ODF with references to any other useful standard that a
| government might adopt, like electrical standards.


Multiple Standards according to ECMA

,----[ Quote ]
| On a Microsoft event in Portugal, called TechDays 2008, ex-ECMA and now
| CompTIA (Microsoft lobbyst group) member, Jan van den Beld explains how
| multiple standards come to be on ECMA
| [...]
| What does Jan van den Beld - former Secretary General of ECMA - have to say
| about multiple standards? He seems to be puzzled himself!
| Quote from his presentation:
| Q: Why do you want to have 5 [DVD related] formats? Do you still call that
| standardization?
| A: You are well paid. Shut up
| Check out the video at 4:10 and amaze yourself!
| This was on Microsoft Techdays 2008, in Portugal.


The commercial value of ISO privileged access

,----[ Quote ]
| Jan van den Beld 'sents love letters' to the ISO system and leaches out
| against parties who want to appeal.


Return of the Living Dead - Brainless Attack on MoSTI - Part Deux!!!

,----[ Quote ]
| I dont know what the attraction is, but somehow we all love the morbid
| fascination of Zombies in action. First, Microsoft^H^H^H^H^HCompTIA hires Mr
| Jan van der Beld, Ex-Ecma Secretary General, to fly all the way here in KL,
| for an event supposedly about "good multiple standards".  There he challenges
| us to find a better way to Fast Track large, immature vendor dependent
| specifications. The answer is of course: "Don't do it." Later on that same
| day, like a man possessed, he turns up at a PIKOM meeting only to rant and
| thump tables.
| Then today, in our fantastic broadsheet turned tabloid "The New Straits
| Times" features a "Comment" by our so called "cooler head" Datuk Dr Mohd
| Ariffin Aton entitled "Walking the Talk on neutrality policy". If you've
| forgotten about him, you may be forgiven, but he is or rather WAS the CEO if
| SIRIM Bhd.

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