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[News] Drupal Founder Explains That Free Software Makes Money

  • Subject: [News] Drupal Founder Explains That Free Software Makes Money
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 01:26:13 +0100
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Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert, on passion, believing, and the open source way

,----[ Quote ]
| We estimate that there are 500,000 sites 
| built with Drupal. There are thousands of 
| people making money with Drupal.   I never 
| expected this to happen, and I feel that I 
| have a very unique situation as the leader 
| of the Drupal project. Certainly, my life 
| is different from that of many of my 
| friends.


Why Making Money from Free Software Matters

,----[ Quote ]
| Free software began as a political 
| movement: its central aim was â and remains 
| â the propagation of freedom.  Later, it 
| became a development methodology too, 
| largely at the hands of Linus, whose 
| geographical isolation in Finland forced 
| him to develop ways of using the Internet 
| to coordinate a new kind of massive, but 
| decentralised, global collaboration.  Later 
| still, free software also became a way of 
| making serious money â something that 
| Stallman has repeatedly said he is quite 
| happy with, contrary to much FUD claiming 
| otherwise.


Either itâs free or itâs not

,----[ Quote ]
| Even small clauses, like those famous no-
| military-use restrictions, grate me like 
| sand in my mouth. Extending your 
| restriction downstream through other users 
| and developers is an attempt to control the 
| people who might otherwise find it useful.


Just because it's free doesn't make it open source

,----[ Quote ]
| To the open source veterans out there, that 
| sounds moronic. Of course open source doesn't 
| mean free. And why would free mean open 
| source? Heck, until recently anyone could 
| download Internet Explorer (Mac users can't 
| anymore, but they weren't using it anyhow), 
| and no one would mistake that for open source 
| software.



Drupal upgrade to be slower but more scalable

,----[ Quote ]
| Drupal, the popular open source Web content
| management system, will sacrifice speed for
| scalability in the upcoming Drupal 7 upgrade,
| the founder of the project said on Monday
| afternoon.
| The upgrade to Drupal, meanwhile, could be
| available perhaps in the June timeframe or as
| late as September, said Drupal project founder
| Dries Buytaert in a presentation at the
| Drupalcon SF conference in San Francisco.
| Ideally, version 7 would be available this
| month, he said.

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