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[News] [Rival] Apple Deception and Harassment of Bloggers Explained

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Apple Deception and Harassment of Bloggers Explained
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 08:41:47 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Cops raid Gizmodo editor in pursuit of iPhone 4G 'felony'

,----[ Quote ]
| Gizmodo editor Jason Chen has been raided 
| by Silicon Valley's computer crime force in 
| hot pursuit of the case of the missing 
| iPhone prototype. According to a bulletin 
| published by Gizmodo today, they broke down 
| the front door to gain entry, and departed 
| some hours later with a truck containing 
| Chen's computer equipment.


Police Seize Jason Chen's Computers

,----[ Quote ]
| Last Friday night, California's Rapid 
| Enforcement Allied Computer Team entered 
| editor Jason Chen's home without him 
| present, seizing four computers and two 
| servers. They did so using a warrant by 
| Judge of Superior Court of San Mateo. 
| According to Gaby Darbyshire, COO of Gawker 
| Media LLC, the search warrant to remove 
| these computers was invalid under section 
| 1524(g) of the California Penal Code.


A Letter: Apple Wants Its Secret iPhone Back


Appeals Court Upholds Ruling That Blog Commenter Was Not A Journalist

,----[ Quote ]
| While lots of attention was paid to the 
| claims that the confiscation of Gizmodo 
| reporter Jason Chen's computer's would 
| "settle" whether bloggers are considered 
| journalists, the details in that case 
| suggest otherwise. However, a much more 
| important case on that particular question 
| was decided late last week. It's the case 
| of Shellee Hale, which we've covered in the 
| past. Basically, Hale posted some 
| information claiming a security breach at 
| another company. She revealed this 
| information as a comment on another site -- 
| and when she was sued, the company demanded 
| she reveal where she got that information 
| from. She claimed that her sources were 
| protected, as she was a journalist. 



The Tales of Two Top Secret Stolen Smartphone Prototypes


Gizmodoâs iPhone 4 story, as painted by PC World and IDGâs Apple haters



Want Porn? Buy an Android Phone, Steve Jobs Says

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite yesterdayâs iPhone debacle, Jobs
| was still in a chatty-enough mood to
| respond to a concerned customerâs e-mail
| questioning Appleâs role as âmoral policeâ
| of its App Store. The customer, Matthew
| Browing, was referring to the App Storeâs
| initial rejection of an app containing Mark
| Fioreâs Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoon,
| as well as the companyâs recent porn ban.


Steve Jobs: 'Folks Who Want Porn Can Buy An Android Phone'

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