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[News] Open Access/Content Gets Boost in Several Areas, Used by Judge Even

  • Subject: [News] Open Access/Content Gets Boost in Several Areas, Used by Judge Even
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 21:43:34 +0100
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Judges rap Wiki-evidence in immigration cases

,----[ Quote ]
| Federal officials have quoted a 
| questionable source in bids to kick 
| foreigners out of Canada â Wikipedia. And 
| judges are not amused.
| âWikipedia is an internet Encyclopedia 
| which anyone with Internet access can 
| edit,â wrote one exasperated Federal Court 
| judge, criticizing Ottawaâs filings in a 
| case to remove a family of Turkish asylum 
| seekers.
| âIt is an open-source reference with no 
| editorial control,â scoffed another judge, 
| as he took federal agents to task for 
| consulting Wikipedia before sending an 
| immigrant back to Iran. 


Open Source: Free the Data!

,----[ Quote ]
| OâReillyâs goal now is to free the data.  
| Something that will be easier said than 
| done.


Opening up Ottawa

,----[ Quote ]
| The new open government is one which offers 
| information in easy-to-organize formats. 
| That is, making schedules or meeting 
| minutes that used to be buried at the 
| bottom of a .PDF into accessible, 
| searchable data. 


Vancouver City Hall's Open Data Experiment

,----[ Quote ]
| When Arthur Dent, of The Hitch-hiker's 
| Guide to the Galaxy, searched for the 
| notice that his house was to be demolished 
| to make way for a new bypass, he eventually 
| found it on the bottom of a locked filing 
| cabinet in a disused lavatory with a sign 
| on the door saying, 'Beware of the 
| Leopard.'
| Governments, large and small, generate vast 
| amounts of information. Finding the 
| relevant piece of information in a timely 
| fashion is a challenge, and that's assuming 
| that the government has decided to share it 
| with the public at all.
| Over the past year, Vancouver's city 
| government has launched a program to make 
| large amounts of information to the public. 
| These data sets, posted online at 
| data.vancouver.ca, include garbage pickup 
| schedules, drinking fountains and 
| motorcycle parking, in a wide variety of 
| formats


Share Exchange: A Community Center for

,----[ Quote ]
| The goal of the Share Exchange is to 
| aggregate sharing tools in a central, 
| persistent place in the community to 
| catalyze a green local economy. If the 
| successes of coworking and The Hub social 
| enterprise community centers are any guide, 
| the Share Exchange may be onto to 
| something. The lesson of The Hub is that 
| grounding a movement in a shared physical 
| place adds tremendous value. 


Open Access to Development Data: The World Bankâs New Open Data Initiative

,----[ Quote ]
| The World Bank announced this week a new 
| open data initiative, which provides free 
| and open access to the Bankâs health and 
| development data, including 2,000 social, 
| economic, financial, institutional, and 
| environmental indicators. The World 
| Development Indicators, the Bankâs most 
| popular statistical resource, consist of 
| over 900 indicators for 200 countries 
| alone, including many that go back to 1960. 
| The Bank has also opened up access to the 
| Global Development Finance, Africa 
| Development Indicators, Global Economic 
| Monitor, and indicators from the Doing 
| Business Report.


Web Site Is Building a Searchable Index of Open Courseware

,----[ Quote ]
| About 1,800 courses, all from the 
| Massachusetts Institute of Technology are 
| indexed on OCW Search for starters, says 
| the operator, Pierre Far. Polling on the 
| Web site, which went online this week, will 
| determine what courses to add next; those 
| at Stanford University are in the lead, and 
| Mr. Far plans to add them in the next few 
| days.


The "fair use economy" is enormous, growing, and endangered by the relatively tiny entertainment industry

,----[ Quote ]
| The IT industry's US lobby group has 
| released a report calculating the size of 
| the "fair use economy" in the US -- all the 
| businesses that rely on fair use, including 
| web hosting companies, private schools, 
| search engines and many others. The total 
| for 2007 (the last year for which stats are 
| available) is a whopping $4.7 trillion -- 
| one sixth of US GDP -- with over 17 million 
| people employed. 


Conservatives promise to extend FOI Act

,----[ Quote ]
| The Conservatives have promised to extend 
| the scope of the Freedom of Information Act 
| within weeks of the general election. 

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