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[News] Why Programming With Perl is Rising; Other Development News

  • Subject: [News] Why Programming With Perl is Rising; Other Development News
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 01 May 2010 23:50:07 +0100
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Application Development: 25 Reasons Why Perl Keeps Rising in the Enterprise


The Quality of Code is not strained...

,----[ Quote ]
| A proprietary vendor supplied us with their 
| code and details of performance for one of 
| our teams to integrate with our existing 
| systems. No news there, happens every day 
| across the enterprise. However, as the 
| implementation scaled it exposed fatal flaws 
| in the proprietary code when under load - 
| bringing everything to a grinding halt.


KXStitch delivers cross-stitch wizardry for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| As KXStitch grew, so did Allewellâs skill as 
| a developer. âI originally started the 
| development process with KDevelop using 
| KDE2/Qt, as I was new to developing graphics 
| applications and new to developing on Linux. 
| I found KDevelop was easy to use and 
| provided a wealth of tools to aid the 
| development process. Since then I have moved 
| away from KDevelop and just maintain my own 
| build files as I have gained more knowledge 
| of Linux and the development process.â



Perl 5 development continues as version 5.12 released

,----[ Quote ]
| The Perl 6 project, which aimed to radically
| reinvent the open source programming language,
| first began to take shape in 2000. A decade
| later, there are several implementations with
| varying levels of completeness, but it is
| still not ready to replace Perl 5 in
| production environments.
| In order to ensure that Perl doesn't
| completely stagnate during the protracted
| revamp, a group of developers have decided to
| pull Perl 5 out of maintenance mode and begin
| actively enhancing it with new features. The
| result is Perl 5.12, which was officially
| released this week. It was preceded by 5.11,
| an experimental development release that was
| issued last year.


Perl 5, Version Numbers, and Binary Compatibility

,----[ Quote ]
| As mentioned in What Perl 5's Version
| Numbers Mean, the written Perl 5 support
| policy must explain several guidelines and
| their implications.
| If you've ever upgraded between major
| versions of Perl 5 on the same machine,
| you've likely noticed that you have to
| install new versions of modules. Various
| resources spread across the Internet
| suggest the use of CPAN autobundles, but
| even that's likely enough to make you curse
| a little bit as you babysit a CPAN shell
| for an hour or two to get back to where you
| started.

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