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[News] HTC Sued by a Patent Troll (Klausner) and Apple Becomes Quite the Satan of Software, Too (Alongside Microsoft)

  • Subject: [News] HTC Sued by a Patent Troll (Klausner) and Apple Becomes Quite the Satan of Software, Too (Alongside Microsoft)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 02 May 2010 00:26:40 +0100
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HTC Dodges Major Lawsuits But Collapses Over Most Ridiculous One 


Klausner sues HTC over visual voicemail

,----[ Quote ]
| Inventor Judah Klausner added HTC Corp to 
| the list of big phone makers against which 
| he has filed lawsuits alleging infringement 
| of technology patents related to visual 
| voicemail.


Klausner Adds Another Visual Voicemail Patent Lawsuit


What is in those Microsoft Linux patent agreements?

,----[ Quote ]
| There are three ways to speculate about 
| Microsoftâs latest Linux patent cross-
| license, this time with HTC:
|    1. Microsoft is pushing its weight around 
|    (again).


Microsoft Suggests Android Violates Its Patents... But Gets HTC To Buy A License

,----[ Quote ]
| Seems a bit strange, right? Why should 
| Microsoft have any say in whether or not HTC 
| can put Google's Android operating system on 
| its phones. The whole thing seems even odder 
| when you realize that HTC was, for a long 
| time, one of the major makers of smartphones 
| running Windows Mobile operating system. 
| But, the complicating factor here might be 
| Apple. Apple, of course, famously went on 
| the patent offensive and sued HTC over its 
| Android phones a couple months ago. So now, 
| with Microsoft doing this deal, it seems to 
| very publicly be entering the patent fight 
| between Apple and Google, which for bizarre 
| reasons is playing out with HTC as the pawn 
| getting bounced around between them all. 


HTC to Pay Microsoft Royalties on Android Phones


HTC Android slider makes it through the FCC with AT&T 3G bands

,----[ Quote ]
| Why, hello there, little HTC Android phone with a nice, fat keyboard.


Andy Rubin Reacts to Steve Jobs, Likens Apple to North Korea

,----[ Quote ]
| The NY Times has a great little interview 
| with Google VP Andy Rubin where he talks 
| about Android's future among other things.  
| When asked his thoughts on the recent Steve 
| Jobs comments about Android offering porn, 
| Andy says he doesn't quite get where Jobs 
| was coming from.  âI donât really have a 
| rationale for that,â he said. âItâs a 
| different style of interacting with the 
| public and the media.â


Prosecutors defend Gizmodo search in iPhone probe

,----[ Quote ]
| Stephen Wagstaffe, chief deputy district 
| attorney, told CNET on Tuesday evening that 
| prosecutors had considered whether reporter 
| shield laws applied to the search and 
| seizure aimed at the gadget blog--and 
| decided to proceed after carefully reviewing 
| the rules.
| "My prosecutor who is handling it considered 
| this issue right off the bat when it was 
| being brought into him and had some good 
| reasons why he and the judge felt the 
| warrant was properly issued," Wagstaffe 
| said.


Journalist shield law may not halt iPhone probe


The Gizmodo Raid: A Preview of Hollywood's Dystopian Plan for Copyright Enforcement

,----[ Quote ]
| Last weekâs police raid on Gizmodo blogger 
| Jason Chenâs house, in response to a request 
| from Apple Inc., has led many to wonder why 
| government resources are being spent on a 
| spat between Apple and Gizmodo.
| But here at EFF, we are also wondering if 
| weâve just seen the future of copyright 
| enforcement. Although the Gizmodo seizure 
| doesnât appear to be rooted in copyright, 
| having cops kicking in doors over what seems 
| like a private dispute reminded us of recent 
| efforts by the big content industries to get 
| law enforcement to go after âcopyright 
| thieves.â 


Apple: Worse for open source than Microsoft?

,----[ Quote ]
| Things need to change and Apple needs to be 
| seen for what it really is: a threat to 
| innovation and freedom.
| For as long as anyone can remember Microsoft 
| has been seen as the primary enemy of free 
| and open source software (FOSS). Free 
| software advocates over the years have held 
| Microsoft up as the pre-eminent example of 
| how software should not be produced and 
| distributed; an example of how they did not 
| want it to be.
| It wasn't without good reason that Microsoft 
| was seen as enemy number 1. The company has 
| done everything in its power over the years 
| to undermine Linux and free software. CEO 
| Steve Ballmer has even gone so far as to 
| label free software anti-American and he 
| never misses an opportunity to take a swipe 
| at Linux.
| [...]
| There was a time when Microsoft was seen as 
| the enemy of software freedom and Apple, by 
| virtue of being seen as the "underdog", was 
| given far more leniency. Things need to 
| change and Apple needs to be seen for what 
| it really is: a threat to innovation and 
| freedom.

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