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[News] In China, USB Adapters Run GNU/Linux

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Wi-Fi Key-cracking Kits Sold in China Mean Free Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Wi-Fi USB adapters bundled with a Linux 
| operating system, key-breaking software and 
| a detailed instruction book are being sold 
| online and at China's bustling electronics 
| bazaars. The kits, pitched as a way for 
| users to surf the Web for free, have drawn 
| enough buyers and attention that one Chinese 
| auction site, Taobao.com, had to ban their 
| sale last year.



IronKey launches secure online banking USB stick

,----[ Quote ]
| The IronKey TAB runs a Linux based operating
| system which in turn runs a dedicated Firefox
| based browser. It takes a number of steps to
| prevent key-loggers from intercepting passwords
| and has an optional virtual keyboard for non-
| keyboard password entry. It also makes use of
| the IronKey's integrated RSA SecurID to provide
| login tokens, but adds an extra, variable
| obfuscation to ensure that any malware spies
| will see an invalid token.
| In some ways, the IronKey TAB is similar in
| intent to the process of booting a Live CD of
| Linux and performing banking from the read only
| Live CD environment, but without the need to
| reboot the host system and activated only when
| the stick is plugged in and the stick itself is
| not compromised.

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