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[News] Apple and Microsoft Confirm That They Are Foes of Web Standards, HTML5/Theora Grow Stronger Regardless

  • Subject: [News] Apple and Microsoft Confirm That They Are Foes of Web Standards, HTML5/Theora Grow Stronger Regardless
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 08 May 2010 18:23:56 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Why Open Digital Standards Matter in Government


Online video wars

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple and Microsoft join to fight Opera and
| Firefox
| The next big evolution of the Internet will 
| be in the realm of video playing. Until now 
| the rapid growth of online video has been 
| built on Adobe's Flash technology. Flash 
| has always been a workable solution but not 
| the best platform because it requires an 
| additional plugin to be installed before 
| users can view video.


Mozilla, HTML5 editor differ with Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is agitating for "same markup," 
| described this way: "Web browsers should 
| render the same markup--the same HTML, same 
| CSS, and same script--the same way. That's 
| simply not the case today. Enabling the 
| same markup to work the same across 
| different browsers is as crucial for 
| HTML5's success as performance."
| But today's practice, while messy and 
| plagued with incompatibilities, reflects 
| the notion that it's a good idea to test 
| new technologies in the real world before 
| solidifying them as a real standard.


Is HTML5 Ready To Take Over From Flash?

,----[ Quote ]
| Here a branding expert demonstrates that 
| the sites of 10 out of 10 leading worldwide 
| brands don't display on the iPad â because 
| they're coded in Flash, of course.


HTML5 and the Web


Opera (Like Apple) Criticizes Adobeâs Flash

,----[ Quote ]
| Adobeâs Flash now faces two outspoken 
| critics: First Apple, now Opera â the web 
| browser provider. Apparently, Opera Product 
| Analyst Phillip GrÃnvold has some concerns 
| about Flash and its influence over the Web. 
| For VARs that are advising customers on Web 
| development and design strategies, this 
| story is too important to ignore. Hereâs 
| why.


The State of Flash 

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple, Microsoft, Opera and now Scribd have 
| all spoken out about Adobe's platform. What 
| does this mean for open source? 
| [...]
| But this isn't quite the open source 
| victory it seems to be. If HTML5 becomes 
| the Web standard, there are plenty of 
| people championing patented, proprietary 
| codecs for video, specifically Apple and 
| Microsoft who have both backed h.264. And 
| while the user will ultimately be able to 
| choose which codec handles video in an 
| HTML5 environment, there is also talk from 
| Jobs himself of pursuing open source video 
| codec Theora for patent infringement. 


The future of the Internet is here: non-English extensions hit the Web

,----[ Quote ]
| Kim has already written a quick blog post 
| on the launch, highlighting the Egyptian 
| Ministry of Communications and IT, which is 
| at the end of one of three top-level 
| domains that have gone live.
| It is hard to describe the importance of 
| this step. It has been years, literally 
| years, of conversation and discussion and 
| engineering to get to this point. And that 
| point is: the Internetâs core 
| infrastructure can now deal with non-ASCII 
| language. Which means that the Arabic-
| speaking world, the Chinese-speaking world, 
| the Hindi-speaking world, in fact the 
| majority of people on the planet can 
| finally use the Internet natively without 
| this strange American structure that makes 
| you puts, for example, â.comâ at the end of 
| every domain.


The Future of Reading is Open

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, Scribd is changing the way you read 
| documents online. Over the next few weeks 
| and months, Scribd will convert our entire 
| content corpus â tens of millions of 
| documents, books and presentations â into 
| native HTML5 web pages so that we can offer 
| the best online reading experience. Scribd 
| documents in HTML5 load instantly, support 
| native browser functions (zoom, search, 
| scroll, select text), and deliver an 
| impressive reading experience across all 
| browsers and web-enabled devices, without 
| requiring add-ons or plug-ins.


If you care about the Web, boycott Apple and Microsoft. They
have done enough to abduct HTML WG already.


Ogg Theora vs. H.264: head to head comparisons

,----[ Quote ]
| Streaming video websites like YouTube face
| growing pressure from consumers to provide
| support for native standards-based Web video
| playback. The HTML5 video element provides the
| necessary functionality to build robust Web
| media players without having to depend on
| proprietary plugins, but the browser vendors
| have not been able to build a consensus around
| a video codec.
| Although the h264 codec has gained dominance
| due to its excellent compression and broad
| support in the consumer electronics ecosystem,
| it is covered by patents that preclude broad
| royalty-free usage. Several browser vendors,
| including Opera and Mozilla, favor the Ogg
| Theora media codec, which is believed to be
| unencumbered by patents. Ogg may offer
| advantages from a licensing standpoint, but
| there are still many unanswered questions
| about its quality and suitability for Internet
| video streaming services.
| [...]
| Some streaming video experts, including Ozer,
| are not convinced that royalty-free VP8 will
| solve all of the problems that the industry is
| facing with standards-based video. He contends
| that the cost of reencoding existing content
| will make it difficult for streaming content
| providers to adopt alternatives to h264 at
| this stage regardless of whether the
| alternative is royalty-free.


OSnews Podcast Now Available in OGG

,----[ Quote ]
| The Flash audio player has been replaced by
| an HTML5 audio element. Please report any
| problems you experience.
| Doing the actual transcoding to OGG and
| uploading has taken over 20 hours to do,
| all I can say is that I hope it all goes to
| good use, Iâm knackered.

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