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[News] Software Patents from Apple and Google Show Misguided, Paranoid Industry

  • Subject: [News] Software Patents from Apple and Google Show Misguided, Paranoid Industry
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 09:02:49 +0100
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Google Android Smart TV Patent Images Surface

,----[ Quote ]
| Mobileblab is reporting that something 
| very interesting has been found regarding 
| Google's Smart TV project while searching 
| the Google Patent data base.   What 
| exactly could be so interesting?  Well, 
| according to the database, the new Smart 
| TV will be Android powered, and come with 
| a special Android app store with its own 
| TV applications.  This patent application 
| was filled by Google and Sony for a 
| ânetwork media player with user-generated 
| playback control.â That name sounds a 
| little similar to their latest Android 
| powered TV that should be announced soon.


A New Social Workflow Patent from Apple Highlights Facebook

,----[ Quote ]
| The target device may receive the user 
| selection and transmit data 266 
| corresponding to the selection to the 
| initiator device 10A. For example, the 
| Facebook script may include instructions 
| directing the target device to transmit 
| the confirmation or rejection to the 
| initiator device as the confirmation data. 
| The initiator device may then receive the 
| confirmation data and display the screen 
| 232 indicating that the friend has been 
| successfully added and that the workflow 
| is complete. Although the specific screens 
| displayed on the devices 10A and 10B may 
| vary, the interaction between the 
| initiator device and the target device may 
| occur in a similar manner for each action 
| within a workflow. 


HTC Takes Revenge; Hits Apple

,----[ Quote ]
| It is widely believed that Apple's target 
| is Google's Linux-based Android which is 
| making inroads into Apple's smart phone 
| territory. But Google might be too big for 
| Apple to fight with. HTC, one of the core 
| partners of Google, seemed to be an easy 
| target for Apple.

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