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[News] Analysis of Google's New Push for Free Codecs, Silver Lie and Flash Suffer Already

  • Subject: [News] Analysis of Google's New Push for Free Codecs, Silver Lie and Flash Suffer Already
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 09:36:15 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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The first in-depth technical analysis of VP8

,----[ Quote ]
| VP8, as a spec, should be a bit better 
| than H.264 Baseline Profile and VC-1.  
| Itâs not even close to competitive with 
| H.264 Main or High Profile.  If Google is 
| willing to revise the spec, this can 
| probably be improved.
| VP8, as an encoder, is somewhere between 
| Xvid and Microsoftâs VC-1 in terms of 
| visual quality.  This can definitely be 
| improved a lot, but not via conventional 
| means.
| VP8, as a decoder, decodes even slower 
| than ffmpegâs H.264.  This probably canât 
| be improved that much.


Why Google bought Global IP Solutions


Microsoft to support VP8 video codec with Internet Explorer 9, after all?


Zencoder Excited About Open Source VP8



,----[ Quote ]
| Googleâs new codec could become the lingua 
| franca of video on the web. From there it 
| could influence all manner of gadgets 
| connected to the web and render the 
| polyglot of codecs antiquated. I would not 
| be surprised if it became popular on CDs 
| as well. What conserves bandwidth on the 
| web can also save space on hard drives and 
| CDs.


Google video effort to be dubbed WebM Project?


Mozilla and company announce WebM, VP8-based open video format project


Google open source VP8 as part of the WebM Project


Google Makes VP8 Open Source - Now It Needs To Get A Little Evil 


Google Launches Open Source Video Format âWebMâ


Details on Google's Chrome Store and WebM plans


VP8 Video Codec Opened. Now What?


Publishing Video in 2010


Google Gives Web $120 Million Gift 


Google open sources $124.6m video codec


WebM's royalty-free HTML5 video raises patent issues


Flash Co-creator: Apple Is Destroying the Open Web

,----[ Quote ]
| However, Gay is skeptical that Googleâs 
| plans to open-source its VP8 video codec 
| will be able to fundamentally change this 
| situation, cautioning that it may be 
| impossible to build open-source codecs 
| that donât infringe on someoneâs patents.


Theora Founder: WebM Project is âWonderfulâ

,----[ Quote ]
| âThis is great news,â said Christopher 
| âMontyâ Montgomery, founder of the 
| Xiph.org Foundation, when I reached him by 
| phone right after the announcement. 
| Montgomery is spearheading the development 
| of Ogg Theora and is a Theora developer 
| himself, but he called VP8 going open 
| source âabsolutely wonderfulâ and sounded 
| honestly stoked about the initiative. 
| Montgomery did mention that Google didnât 
| make too much of an effort to reach out to 
| open source developers ahead of the 
| official announcement. He was notified of 
| the development, but many others werenât. 
| âWe have to see how itâs going to play out 
| in the open source community,â he told me, 
| adding that it will be a while until VP8 
| will really have an impact.


Google backs open codec against patent trolls

,----[ Quote ]
| Google is "very confident" that the newly 
| open-sourced VP8 video codec will stand up 
| to the sort of patent attack Steve Jobs 
| warned of when he defended Apple's 
| decision to shun VP8's predecessor, the 
| open-source Ogg Theora.
| [...]
| In a private email, Apple chief executive 
| Steve Jobs even went so far as to say that 
| unnamed forces were putting together a 
| patent pool to "go after" Ogg Theora. 
| Today, when The Reg asked if VP8 was 
| vulnerable to patent attack, Google 
| product manager Mike Jazayeri indicated 
| this isn't a big concern for the company.
| "We have done a pretty through analysis of 
| VP8 and On2 Technologies prior to the 
| acquisition and since then, and we are 
| very confident with the technology and 
| that's why we're open sourcing," he said.


Chip makers back Google's open source codec

,----[ Quote ]
| A handful of mobile chip makers--including 
| ARM, MIPS, Nvidia and Texas Instruments--
| said they will support Google's move to 
| establish V8, a video codec it acquired 
| with On2 Technologies in August.
| Google announced at its annual Google I/O 
| event in San Francisco it will make the V8 
| codec available as open source code with a 
| royalty free license as part of a new WebM 
| project. Google said it will pair V8 with 
| the Vorbis open source audio codec and 
| support the two in its Chrome browser and 
| YouTube service. Browser makers Mozilla 
| and Opera also said they will support the 
| codecs. 


Dev goes 'Wild' with H.264 Firefox


Netflix Is The Latest To Talk The HTML5 Talk

,----[ Quote ]
| As we all know, the battle between Flash 
| and HTML5 for the future of online video 
| is raging. But what about that other 
| plugin some sites use for video? You know, 
| the one made by Microsoft â Silverlight? A 
| new posting tonight may call that 
| platformâs future in video into question 
| as well. Because arguably their most 
| important client is looking to jump on the 
| HTML5 video bandwagon: Netflix.


HTML5 Vs. Flash. What You Havenât Heard.

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