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[News] LWN Analyses Nokia's Move to Btrfs

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MeeGo and Btrfs

,----[ Quote ]
| MeeGo is arguably the dark horse in the 
| mobile platform race: it is new, unfinished, 
| and unavailable on any currently-shipping 
| product, but it is going after the same 
| market as a number of more established 
| platforms. MeeGo is interesting: it is a 
| combined effort by two strong industry 
| players which are trying, in the usual slow 
| manner, to build a truly community-oriented 
| development process. For the time being, 
| though, important development decisions are 
| still being made centrally. Recently, a 
| significant decision has come to light: 
| MeeGo will be based on the Btrfs file system 
| by default.



Btrfs System Rollbacks In Fedora 13

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the benefits of Btrfs besides offering
| competitive performance against other Linux
| file-systems and SSD optimizations is its
| support for sub-volumes and writable
| snapshots. While Btrfs is still in
| development and is not yet used as a default
| file-system by any Linux distribution, Red
| Hat has been looking to capitalize upon the
| capabilities of Btrfs by introducing support
| for system rollbacks into Fedora. The Btrfs-
| based system rollback support has been a
| feature for Fedora 13 so with the release of
| the Fedora 13 Beta earlier this week we
| decided to further investigate this feature.

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