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[News] GNU/Linux Better Than Just Linux

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Why GNU+Linux is > GNU/Linux and > just Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Let's get the obvious out of the way, we 
| advocate for computer software users' 
| freedom. The Free Software Foundation and GNU 
| Project are responsible for most of the 
| software we use everyday. At InaTux 
| Computers, we of course use the GNU Compiler 
| Collection (GCC) to compile custom Linux 
| kernels (when customers want them), as well 
| as other custom software modifications 
| customers may want (such as hardware 
| optimization). Our compiling is of course 
| done in GNOME Terminal running GNU BASH, and 
| most software we compile require the GNU C 
| Library, GTK+, gtkmm, etc.



There's nothing wrong with being thankful (or why I say GNU/Linux)

,----[ Quote ]
| For example, simplicity for newcomers: What
| about when you have a distro that doesn't have
| Linux inside of it? Say, Debian's hurd or
| kFreeBSD or NetBSD ports? Those are distros,
| but Linux is not to be found inside cause it
| (the kernel) has been replaced for another
| kernel. What are we gonna call them? Debian
| Non-Linux? Go figure how you will explain that
| to newcomers ("sure... it's Debian Linux...
| but it has no linux... yet it is linux".
| Priceless).
| Some people have said that it's out of
| Stallman's big ego that he wants everybody to
| call it GNU. Well, I think Stallman hits the
| nail (at least on the funny part) when he says
| that "sure... and that's why I ask people to
| call it Stallmanix". So I think it's not out
| of ego... but maybe if he had named the OS
| Stallmanix in the first place, we wouldn't be
| having this argument as it (too) is more
| catchy than GNU. :-)


The Wikipedia "Naming Controversy" by Joshua Gay

,----[ Quote ]
| On the English version of Wikipedia there is an article that discusses the
| naming controversy over whether one should call the operating
| system âGNU/Linuxâ or âLinux.â In that article, some contend that Linux is
| the more popular and common name for the system. But when writing an
| encyclopedia, neither popularity nor commonality are the paramount concerns.
| Calling the system âGNU/Linuxâ is more factually accurate, as the GNU project
| largely forms the base of all distributions of the operating system. For
| example, GNU packages accounts for 14.79% of the 16.5GB of source packages
| used to build the Main repository of the gNewSense GNU/Linux distribution
| (deltad). They also constitute 6.69% of the 27GBs of source packages from
| which the Universe repository is built. Linux weighs in at about 253MB and
| accounts for approximately 1.5% of the source code needed to build the Main
| repository. Furthermore, Linux itself is generally built using GNU libraries
| and GNU tools, and on many systems depends on them being there.

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