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[News] Linux Conquers Phones in Android Mask

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Android 2.2 Headed to OEMs in Coming Weeks

,----[ Quote ]
| Sending Android 2.2 to OEMs and open 
| source community in the coming weeks is a 
| good thing, right?  Definitely.  (Hello 
| 2.2 ROM anyone?)  Continuing to expect the 
| Motorola Droid or Droid Incredible to 
| receive the update sometime in June?  
| Probably a reach.


Google: Guess what, Apple, we've discovered the internet

,----[ Quote ]
| The war of words between Google and Apple 
| â in public at least â has never raged 
| more fiercely. On stage, as the search 
| company announced the new generation of 
| its Android mobile phone operating system, 
| Vice President Vic Gundotra repeatedly 
| referred disparagingly to the closed 
| ecosystem that Apple uses for its 
| products. 


Turf war heats up as Google accuses Apple of forgetting its roots and stifling innovation

,----[ Quote ]
| "He said it was critically important to 
| provide a free mobile operating system, an 
| open-source operating system, that would 
| enable innovations at every level of the 
| stack," Mr Gundotra started. 


Google: Android fragmentation isn't fragmentation

,----[ Quote ]
| "Some of the press has called it 
| fragmentation, but that's probably the 
| wrong word for it," he told reporters last 
| week at Google I/O, the company annual 
| developer conference. "The better word for 
| it is 'legacy.' With these phones and 
| devices, the iteration cycle is incredibly 
| fast. It used to be that every 18 months, 
| a new device would reach the market. But 
| we're seeing it happen every three or four 
| months. The software obviously has to keep 
| up and I don't think anyone is harmed by 
| it.


A Step into the World of Googleâs Android

,----[ Quote ]
| Since Google first announced that they 
| were working on a Linux based open source 
| mobile platform, many people were already 
| on board with the Android operating 
| system. The establishment of the Open 
| Handset Alliance already saw many major 
| figures in the mobile industry moving to 
| support Googleâs project.


Why the Android Brings Sales to Smart Phones

,----[ Quote ]
| Reports are stating that Googleâs Android 
| operating system is bringing a bigger 
| boost to the already growing number of 
| smart phone sales. The big plus factor 
| comes from people finally seeing the point 
| of owning a smart phone over a 
| conventional handset âthanks to the many 
| practical and useful features of the 
| Android OS.


Flash on Android 2.2: Slow loading, but smooth running

,----[ Quote ]
| eWEEK evaluated a Nexus One running 
| Android 2.2 and a beta Flash Player 10.1, 
| and found Flash to be slow loading, but 
| surprisingly smooth and power efficient. 
| Meanwhile, HTC vows that most of its 
| Android phones will move to version 2.2 
| later this year, and a 4Q release for 
| Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) has been tipped.


An Updated Android OS History: from Android 1.5 Cupcake to Android 2.2 (Froyo)



Android Is Free, Steve

,----[ Quote ]
| In an interview with Fortune Magazine,
| Steve Ballmer stated âThereâs nothing free
| about Android.â Wrong, Steve. Android is
| Free:
|     * anyone can run the software,
|     * anyone can examine the source code,
|     * anyone can modify the source code,
|     and
|     * anyone can distribute the code
|     unmodified or modified under the same
|     licence that comes with the code.

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