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[News] Microsoft Overtaken by Another Scummy (Freedom-Hating) Company Called Apple

  • Subject: [News] Microsoft Overtaken by Another Scummy (Freedom-Hating) Company Called Apple
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 15:26:43 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Apple Passes Microsoft as Worldâs Largest Tech Company


7 Key Turning Points That Made Apple No. 1


Why have suicides spiked at Apple iPad supplier Foxconn in China?


Nowâs a bad time to be an Apple fanboyâ

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâm not going to count off the rest of the 
| feature list here, because I want to focus 
| on the larger picture. Apple has been 
| outflanked by Googleâs multi-vendor 
| strategy, outsold in new unit sales, and 
| is now outgunned in technology and user-
| visible features. Again, I was expecting 
| thisâbut not so soon.



What's the bug up Apple's @$$?

,----[ Quote ]
| In late February, Apple purged 6,000 apps
| it deemed "too sexy." Late last month,
| Jobs posted a scathing 1,700-word essay on
| Apple's Web site about why he hates Adobe
| Flash.


Ipad users are annoyed at lack of Flash support


Anthony Doesburg: Apple's antics starting to leave a sour taste

,----[ Quote ]
| Was it a colossal overreaction by Apple
| when a prototype of its next iPhone fell
| into the hands of gadget-obsessed US
| website Gizmodo?
| Combine that with Apple boss Steve Jobs'
| uncompromising "Thoughts on [Adobe] Flash"
| statement a fortnight ago, and the
| question arises: is the darling of the
| high-tech world in danger of displacing
| Microsoft as the company people love to
| hate?
| Yes and no; and yes and no again.
| Naturally enough, it depends on your point
| of view, but some points of view matter
| more than others.


Why Can't Apple Just Drop the 'Leaked' iPhone 4G Inquiry?

,----[ Quote ]
| Given that over 80 per cent of respondents
| in the report claim to use their Ipads for
| web browsing and almost 50 per cent for
| viewing video, areas in which Flash is
| particularly pervasive, it's not
| surprising that users find lack of support
| for the format annoying.


Gizmodo-iPhone Saga: Court Docs Reveal Fascinating Details


iPhone Leak: 'Huge' Hurt for Apple


Latest leaked iPhone reveals iPad processor

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest leaked next-generation iPhone,
| which includes the same processor that
| powers the iPad, is probably a production
| or near-production unit, a hardware expert
| said today.


Steve Jobs Spars With Valleywag Editor By E-Mail

,----[ Quote ]
| Steve Jobs has gone rogue. Taking the bait
| on a late-night e-mail from Valleywag
| Editor Ryan Tate, Jobs defended Apple's
| App Store for offering "freedom from
| porn," among other things.


80% of devs chafe at Apple's App Store cash split

,----[ Quote ]
| Eighty per cent of North American developers
| believe that the iPhone App Store's revenue
| split is unfair, according to a new study
| from research outfit Evans Data.


Another suicide at Apple's Chinese supplier

,----[ Quote ]
| The Associated Press reports that the 24
| year-old woman's death brings the total of
| suicidal Foxconn workers to eight for the
| year. Bloomberg puts the total at six. The
| Taipei Times notes that two other Foxconn
| employees tried to take their own lives this
| year, but failed.


Prosecutors Cite Confidential Informant in iPhone Probe


Judge Orders Gizmodo Search Papers Unsealed

,----[ Quote ]
| A California judge Friday ordered the
| unsealing of the search warrant affidavit
| that led to a police raid on the home of
| Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, who paid $5,000
| for a prototype 4G iPhone.


Apple spurred police in iPhone probe


Jobs pushed Gizmodo for return of iPhone 4G

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple CEO Steve Jobs intervened in the Case
| of the Purloined iPhone, personally contacting
| Gizmodo editor Brian Lam to ask for the
| return of the missing iPhone 4G prototype.
| That tidbit - told by Apple general counsel
| Bruce Sewell to Detective Matthew Broad of
| the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office - was
| revealed today by the unsealing of the search
| warrant behind the search of Gizmodo editor
| Jason Chen's home. A copy of the full set of
| search warrant documents can be found here
| (thanks, Wired).


Apple spurred police in lost iPhone probe

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple pressed local police to investigate the
| loss of a next-generation iPhone a day after
| Gizmodo published photographs, telling
| investigators that the prototype was so
| valuable, a price could not be placed on it,
| according to court documents made public
| Friday.


Bear and Monkey smack Apple with patent suit

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple has been slapped with another patent
| infringement lawsuit - but the suit says more
| about the festering sore that is the US
| patent system than it does about the
| individual patents involved.
| The lawsuit was filed by Austin, Texas
| inventor Eric Gould Bear, President and CEO
| of interface design firm MonkeyMedia. The
| core of his infringement claim is that his
| patents cover a user-interface concept that
| he calls "Seamless Contraction" - essentially
| a set of techniques to narrow the display of
| information to that which is most "salient,"
| to use his term, to the user's needs.


Apple rejects Wi-Fi sync app

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