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[News] New Partition Manager Features in KDE SC

  • Subject: [News] New Partition Manager Features in KDE SC
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2010 22:22:02 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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New In KDE Partition Manager 1.1 (II): SMART Status Reports

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE Partition Manager 1.1 gains support for 
| reading, analyzing and reporting the SMART 
| status of disks. SMART (sometimes also 
| written as S.M.A.R.T.) is an acronym for 
| âSelf-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting 
| Technologyâ. In plain English it is a 
| monitoring system for hard drives and its 
| intention is to give the computer user a 
| chance to take action before an impending 
| hard drive failure â the action being to 
| copy his data to another disk, of course.


New In KDE Partition Manager 1.1 (III): Support For 4096-Byte Sectors

,----[ Quote ]
| Hard drives are getting bigger and bigger, 
| a trend that leads to some technical 
| challenges hard to overcome without user-
| noticable changes. The increase in hard 
| disk size means that the areal density (the 
| number of bits stored per square inch on 
| the drive) also increases heavily, which is 
| a good thing at first glance: The higher 
| the areal density the faster the same 
| amount of data can be read and written. 
| Thus the drives not only get larger, they 
| also get faster.


New In KDE Partition Manager 1.1 (IV): Improved Size Dialog

,----[ Quote ]
| This concludes part four in a sequence of 
| entries presenting some of the new features 
| of the soon-to-be-finished KDE Partition 
| Manager 1.1. Part one was about Mount 
| Management, part two dealt with SMART 
| Status Reports and part three offered a 
| very technical look behind the scenes on 
| the topic of Support For 4096-Byte Sectors.



The Trinity Project Picks Up Where KDE 3.5.10 Left Off

,----[ Quote ]
| Hey, pst! Yes, you! I know you've been
| crying yourself to sleep at night ever
| since those mean, mean people developing
| the K Desktop Environment decided to
| radically change the way your favorite DE
| worked and release the dreaded "4"
| version. Good news! There's no more need
| to get over it and move on with your life,
| as, apparently, the God of open source
| decided to bring you a fork of KDE 3. Ok,
| maybe not God, but a company/team that
| goes under the name of Pearson Computing.


Sneak preview for coming KDE SC 4.5

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE SC 4.5 is in feature freeze right now.
| Therefore, I decide to share some of early
| screenshots with you. In General there are
| no major changes. It is all about
| polishing and fixing bugs. There is a lot
| of under-hood changes in libs which as
| enduser we cannot see. KDE SC will be
| release in August 2010. Now I will let you
| enjoy the screenshots.


Qt Multimedia/Mobility vs. Phonon: FIGHT!!!

,----[ Quote ]
| Well it's not really like that, but I
| guess those involved can think about it a
| bit like that at times!. For some
| background, Phonon is a Multimedia
| framework that was included in Qt 4 as far
| as I understand it, it was developed
| outside Qt, but was adopted (please
| correct me if my history is incorrect
| here). It was designed to give application
| developers easy access to media playback
| systems, be it MP3 music or new fangled
| WebM video! Rather than implement any of
| the complex stuff itself, Phonon hands off
| the actual decoding and playback parts to
| existing media frameworks. Originally Qt
| wrote a GStreamer "backend" for Phonon and
| this was the only available backend on
| Linux in the early stages (others were
| available for other platforms too). I
| personally think that GStreamer was a good
| choice. I think it is a very powerful
| system, but it's not for the feint
| hearted. I wont begin to pretend that I
| understand it (although I have hacked my
| way through some GST code!), but the
| principle of it's operation seemed to fit
| the needs of the Phonon project very
| nicely.

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