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[News] Tablets Costing Around $100 Expected to Run Linux

  • Subject: [News] Tablets Costing Around $100 Expected to Run Linux
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2010 23:34:03 +0100
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ARM9-based $100 Android tablets to light up Computex

,----[ Quote ]
| Next week at Computex, Via Technologies' 
| WonderMedia Technologies subsidiary will 
| demonstrate low-cost Android-based tablets 
| based on the ARM9-based, 600MHz WonderMedia 
| Prizm processor and related "SmartTouch" 
| reference designs. The tablets will be 
| manufactured by a variety of Chinese 
| manufacturers, and sold for as low as $100 in 
| the U.S. later this year, says Bloomberg.


Microsoft snubs the OLPC tablet

,----[ Quote ]
| THE ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD project has said 
| that its upcoming XO-3 tablet will not use a 
| Windows operating system.
| OLPC's chairman Nicholas Negroponte has 
| always wanted the Vole to join the party. 
| Last year he said that the organization was 
| urging Microsoft to make a full version of 
| Windows available for the earlier XO-2, which 
| was based on an ARM processor.



One Laptop Per Child Revamps Tablet Plans

,----[ Quote ]
| The One Laptop Per Child foundation's aim to
| create the world's most innovative tablet
| computer for the developing world just took
| a giant leap toward reality. But as is often
| the case, reality may not be quite as
| exciting as imagination.
| On Thursday the foundation announced a
| partnership with chip maker Marvell to
| collaborate on a sleek and cheap touch-
| screen tablet for developing-world school
| children, a device it now plans to launch at
| the Consumer Electronics Show in January
| 2011 for less than $100. One Laptop Per
| Child (OLPC) says that's close to two years
| ahead of its scheduled release for the so-
| called XO-3, the long-awaited upgrade to the
| non-profit's XO, the so-called "hundred-
| dollar laptop" launched in 2007.


$100 computing in 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs time to take the old meme of $100
| computing seriously.


OLPC's Negroponte Says XO-3 Prototype Tablet Coming in 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project founder
| Nicholas Negroponte said that the
| organization is accelerating its development
| of the XO-3 tablet computer and will have a
| working prototype by December 2010, two
| years ahead of projections. Negroponte said
| the final product would cost US$75.


One Laptop per Child and Marvell Join Forces to Redefine Tablet Computing for Students Around the World

,----[ Quote ]
| One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a global
| organization whose mission is to help
| provide every child in the world access to a
| modern education, and Marvell, a worldwide
| leader in integrated silicon solutions, have
| agreed to jointly develop a family of next-
| generation OLPC XO tablet computers based on
| the Marvell Moby reference design.  This
| new partnership will provide designs and
| technologies to enable a range of new
| educational tablets, delivered by OLPC and
| other education industry leaders, aimed at
| schools in both the U.S. and developing
| markets. Marvell is also announcing today it
| has launched Mobylize, a campaign aimed at
| improving technology adoption in America's
| classrooms.


The OLPC's real importance is as a conversation starter

,----[ Quote ]
| The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project is
| looking to launch a prototype of its XO-3
| later this year. The real advantage of
| having the OLPC around is as a product
| conversation starter and design influence.
| IDG News Service reports that the OLPC is
| speeding up the development of the XO-3
| tablet, which wasnât supposed to land until
| 2012. The idea is that this tablet would
| cost $75. OLPC also provided details on its
| blog.


OLPC laptops for East Africa and Palestinian children

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the BBC, approximately 30
| million laptops are expected to be
| delivered to East Africa by 2015 and
| 500,000 units in the Middle East.


UN to buy 500,000 OLPC laptops for Palestinian children

,----[ Quote ]
| The computers run the open-source Sugar
| software suite, marking a return to OLPC's
| roots after a flirtation with running
| Windows XP on its emblematic green-and-white
| XO laptops.
| Sugar is now developed by a separate
| organization, Sugar Labs, which also offers
| versions of its Activities software for
| Windows, or on a bootable USB stick running
| on top of a Linux kernel.


One Laptop per Child targets Middle East and E Africa

,----[ Quote ]
| The rugged machines - which are designed
| specifically for children in the developing
| world and run both Linux and Microsoft
| Windows - are now offered in single units
| for around $200 each.

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