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[News] Google's Impact on GNU/Linux Desktop Adoption and "2011 as the Year of Linux"

  • Subject: [News] Google's Impact on GNU/Linux Desktop Adoption and "2011 as the Year of Linux"
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2010 19:38:49 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Can Google lead CIOs to the Linux desktop?

,----[ Quote ]
| So don't look to Google to drive Linux (or 
| Mac) "desktop' adoption. Google likely can't 
| change calcified opinions of "what a desktop 
| OS should look like" (i.e., Windows), but it 
| is actively defining the future of that 
| desktop with two open-source 
| initiatives:Google Android for mobile and 
| Google Chrome for Web browsing.


Technologies and 2011 as the year of Linux â The underpinnings of success

,----[ Quote ]
| In the previous article this blog discussed 
| the value of PC gaming in bringing Linux to 
| the mainstream home user, and in particular 
| the importance of stable drivers as an 
| enabler of this revolution, but what about 
| the other technologies that will underpin a 
| truly first-class linux user experience? In 
| many cases the mainstream user wonât be aware 
| of the technologies that provide this user 
| experience, and even if they did they really 
| wouldnât care, because the limit of their 
| interest is that the computer and it software 
| environment work seamlessly to meet their 
| user needs. This does mean however that those 
| technologies, and their progress towards 
| maturity, are not of interest to those with a 
| nerdier bent.
| [...]
| Other technologies of note include:
| 1. Btrfs, a new filesystem under development 
| that is designed (among other goals) to be 
| able to leverage the capabilities of solid 
| state drives which are now entering the 
| consumer market for computer hardware. Its 
| first use is likely to be on MeeGo driven 
| nokia smartphones as well as the Ubuntu 
| 10:10, but its adoption will spread rapidly 
| in 2011 as its development matures.
| 2. Multi Pointer X which along with X Input 
| 2 will allow truly multi-touch friendly GUIâs 
| capable of working with many unmodified X 
| windows applications. This much delayed 
| feature will hopefully come of age now that 
| there are a myriad of touch-screen devices 
| and computers demanding the attention of 
| consumers.
| 3. Packagekit is a front end for various 
| package management systems being adopted by 
| many linux distributions as it provides a 
| consistent and reliable application 
| installation/management/removal experience 
| regardless of the desktop environment used.



An Auto Company Zips Along the Fast Lane with FOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| Started in March 2009, Carnation Autoâa
| multi-brand automobile sales and services
| network set up by the former MD of Maruti
| Suzuki, Jagdish Khattarâoffers car owners a
| wide array of services covering servicing,
| mechanical repairs, body repairs,
| accessories, insurance, pre-owned cars, car
| customisation solutions, etc. From rectifying
| scratches and bumps, to transforming off-the-
| assembly-line cars into one-of-a-kind
| attention-grabbers with accessories,
| Carnation has grown to 15 hubs across 10
| cities, with more than 700 employees âall in
| a matter of nine months.
| [...]
| Looking ahead, Carnation hopes to deploy open
| source on its existing desktops. âWe have
| about 20 desktops per hub. We are looking at
| an open source desktop platform in these hubs
| in about a year. We are looking at tremendous
| cost savings, and the easy management of
| front-end usersâ systems, which are like
| points of sale,â quips Agarwal. It sure is
| life on the fast lane for Carnation!

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