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[News] Web Standards Including Free Codecs Make Further Gains

  • Subject: [News] Web Standards Including Free Codecs Make Further Gains
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2010 22:28:10 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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HTML5 vs. Flash: The case for Flash

,----[ Quote ]
| The real battle is in the hearts and eyes of 
| the artists who are paid to create incredibly 
| beautiful objects in the span of just a few 
| hours. The designers will make the final 
| determination. As long as Flash and its 
| cousins Flex and Shockwave remain the 
| simplest tools for producing drop-dead 
| gorgeous Websites, they'll keep their place 
| on the Internet.


VLC 1.1.0 Release Candidate supports WebM / VP8

,----[ Quote ]
| The VideoLAN Project developers have 
| announced the availability of a release 
| candidate for version 1.1, the next major 
| release, of their popular VLC Media Player. 
| According to the developers, the latest 1.1 
| branch of VLC is much faster and more stable, 
| thanks in part to a substantial amount of 
| "important code clean-up" and rewrites. VLC 
| is a free open source cross-platform 
| multimedia player for various audio and video 
| formats.


Google asks for delay in WebM license consideration

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has asked the Open Source Initiative 
| to delay its consideration of the WebM 
| license (requested by Bruce Perens) for a 
| couple of weeks; the company has also 
| requested some changes in how the OSI does 
| business.


The Web Will Unify Fragmented Mobile OS World, Says Opera

,----[ Quote ]
| Opera is also a big fan of Google's open 
| source video codec VP8, and has already 
| implemented it on its desktop browser.
| "When Google chooses to buy a company for a 
| significant amount of money and then make the 
| codec available freely, a lot of companies 
| have jumped," said von Tetzchner.


Should Open Web Advocates Stay Independent?

,----[ Quote ]
| When it was revealed Wednesday that developer 
| and noted open web champion Tantek Celik was 
| joining the Mozilla Foundation, a wave of 
| congratulations swept across Twitter and the 
| blogosphere. But not everyone was happy to 
| learn that Celik â the former chief 
| technologist at Technorati and before that an 
| open standards advocate at both Microsoft and 
| Apple â was joining the company behind the 
| Firefox browser. Ben Metcalfe, a programmer 
| and startup adviser, said on Twitter that 
| while he was happy for Celik, his hiring 
| meant that ânone of the open web usuals 
| remain independent.â



Mozilla and Opera call for Google open codec in HTML5 spec

,----[ Quote ]
| One week after Google open sourced its
| $124.6m VP8 video codec, Mozilla and Opera
| have called for its inclusion in the still-
| gestating HTML5 specification.

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