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[News] Many New Tablets Run Linux, Reviewed

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Dell Streak heads stateside as Android tablets mount up at Computex

,----[ Quote ]
| Formally announced early last week, the 
| Dell Streak features a five-inch 
| capacitive, multitouch touchscreen with 
| WVGA resolution, a 1GHz Qualcomm 
| Snapdragon processor, and voice telephony. 


Hands On With the Dell Streak

,----[ Quote ]
| The Dell Streak, an Android-powered 
| smartphone with a five-inch screen, got a 
| boost at the D8 conference Wednesday night 
| when Dell executive Ron Garriques said it 
| would be available this July, both from a 
| U.S. carrier and direct on Dell.com. We 
| got some time with a nearly final model 
| Thursday, and even made a phone call.


SCOOP: Sneak peak at Intelâs âRedvaleâ concept Atom slate!

,----[ Quote ]
| Plenty of pics as we get hands on with 
| Intelâs slim slate, codenamed âRedvaleâ, 
| which runs MeeGo 1.1 open source mobile OS 
| on an Atom Moorestown platform.


Kakai Kno: Linux-based Tablet/e-Reader with two 14.1â touchscreens 


Kno Tablet and Project Natal at D8

,----[ Quote ]
| The device, which uses Nvidia's Tegra 
| processor, can be used as a notebook with 
| an onscreen or Bluetooth keyboard, and has 
| a stylus.  It is Linux-based with Flash 
| support and a full browser, and the 
| company says they believe it will have 6 
| to 8 hours of battery life.   


Kno Reader â the Courierâs enormous, Linux-based cousin

,----[ Quote ]
| This Linux-based eReader rocks two 14.1â 
| capacitive IPS displays, making the device 
| closer in size to a newspaper than a book.


Kno Is another Tablet Device

,----[ Quote ]
| The device is known as the Kno. It boasts 
| of dual 14-inch screens and is based on 
| the Linux operating system. The device is 
| designed for students and is expected to 
| appear in the market at the end of the 
| year. Still it is not officially 
| confirmed, but the device will be 
| available for under $1,000.



Qualcomm creates dual-core Snapdragons

,----[ Quote ]
| Qualcomm says its Snapdragon chipsets are being
| used in more than 140 different devices
| including Acer's Liquid and Neotouch
| smartphones, Dell's Streak 5 Android tablet,
| HP's Compaq Airlife 100 smartbook and HTC's
| Droid Incredible and Nexus One smartphones.

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