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[News] [Rival] Apple is Lying and Doing More Evil Things to Free Software

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Apple is Lying and Doing More Evil Things to Free Software
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2010 18:45:16 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Apple's HTML5 Showcase Isn't HTML5, Blocks Other Browsers

,----[ Quote ]
| If you go to Apple's HTML5 Showcase page 
| and click on any of the demonstrations 
| using, say, Google's Chrome, you'll be 
| confronted with a pop-up stating you need 
| Safari to see the demo at work. However, 
| if you compare Safari's and Chrome's 
| support for HTML5, you'll see that Chrome 
| has far better support. 


Only Apple can do open standards, apparently

,----[ Quote ]
| And now, for more from Appleâs âweâre more 
| open than all of youâ campaign. In an 
| effort to showcase how cool HTML5 and open 
| web standards are Apple has set up a 
| demonstration page on its website.


Christopher Blizzard from Mozilla complains about it too:

intellectual honesty and html5


Steve Jobs: the iPad came before the iPhone, Flash still sucks


Steve Jobs' Big Fat Lies?

,----[ Quote ]
| "You can't sell, if you can't lie!" Many 
| businessmen follow this mantra. Steve Jobs 
| is no exception. He created a misleading 
| myth around Flash that it doesn't work 
| well on Apple mobile devices thus they 
| were banning Flash.
| The truth was something else, far from 
| what Jobs wrote in his some 2000 words 
| blog. Flash is more than a rich-content 
| player, it is a platform. It will enable 
| developers and publishers to run many 
| applications on Mac mobile devices without 
| money being pumped through Jobs' vaults.  
| Jobs doesn't want that. He wants a tight 
| control on his devices thus he banned 
| Flash.
| [...]
| WebKit was not 'innovated' or created by 
| Apple. The codebase of WebKit comes from 
| the Free Software project KHTML. Apple 
| took the code base developed my hundreds 
| of developers for free and forked it as 
| WebKit, the layout engine for Apple's 
| Safari.
| Most Apple software is based on code taken 
| from Free Software projects like BSD. I 
| think Steve was way wrong when he said 
| "Google was building off of the open-
| source WebKit engine, which Apple 
| created".


Web Kit â The Secret Sauce To Appleâs iPhone?



Steve Jobs: âWe are not allowing apps that create their own desktopsâ

,----[ Quote ]
| The iPad App Store is going pretty well, with 
| 8000 apps already accepted and developers 
| quite happy with the sales results. But what 
| about an application thatâs been approved and 
| then pulled from the App Store for some 
| strange reason? Thatâs what happened to My 
| Frame, and thatâs why the developers decided 
| to email Steve Jobs and ask.
| It turns out that Apple, as usual, retains 
| ultimate control on the kind of software that 
| can be approved or not, but in a way that is 
| not very clear to developers and people whoâd 
| like to develop applications. My Frame is 
| (was) a photo frame app with some additional 
| features, like music controls, weather info, 
| twitter feeds and birthday reminders in the 
| shape of âoverlaysâ to the photos you have to 
| manually pick.
| We know that Apple doesnât approve widget-
| like applications, but could you call My 
| Frame a widget app? I guess that if it was 
| approved in the first place, this is the kind 
| of app that sits in between, and thatâs 
| exactly the place where Apple retains 
| ultimate control. In between.

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