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[News] Mozilla Firefox Plus-ins That Amuse; IndexedDB in Firefox 4

  • Subject: [News] Mozilla Firefox Plus-ins That Amuse; IndexedDB in Firefox 4
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 23:07:36 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Oil spill Firefox plugin blacks out BP across the Web

,----[ Quote ]
| Creative agency Jess3 has developed a 
| Firefox plugin that aims to black out all 
| mentions of BP (British Petroleum) across 
| the web. As one popular tweet espouses, 
| "Want BP to [blank] up your browser like 
| they've [blank] up the Gulf? Install the 
| Oil Spill Firefox plugin from @jess3."


Firefox add-on game âDestroy The Webâ lets you blast away the Internet 

,----[ Quote ]
| This Firefox add-on installs a menacing 
| little âDestroy this page!â icon on the 
| Firefox toolbar and all you have to do is 
| load up your favorite or even not-so-
| favorite webpages and hit the button. Soon 
| afterwards, you are greeted to arcade 
| music and a countdown timer that beckons 
| you to âDestroy the Web.â


Firefox Sync Shows Mozilla's Still Got It


Firefox 4: An early walk-through of IndexedDB

,----[ Quote ]
| Web developers already have localStorage, 
| which is used for client side storage of 
| simple key-value pairs. This alone doesnât 
| address the needs of many web applications 
| for structured storage and indexed data. 
| Mozilla is working on a structured storage 
| API with indexing support called 
| IndexedDB, and we will have some test 
| builds in the next few weeks. This can be 
| compared to the WebDatabase API 
| implemented by several browsers that uses 
| a subset of the allowable language of 
| SQLite. Mozilla has chosen to not 
| implement WebDatabase for various reasons 
| discussed in this post.



Mozilla opens up more on Firefox 4: Content Security, WebGL coming

,----[ Quote ]
| The keyword for the introduction of Mozilla
| Firefox 3.5 was speed. That helped start a
| whole new race in which Firefox led early,
| but fell soon behind Apple Safari, Google
| Chrome, and later even Opera. Now with even
| Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 looking to
| erase the speed gap, and then some, a newly
| published Mozilla developers' page
| characterizes Firefox 4 -- whose first public
| betas may be only a few weeks away -- as
| feature-laden.

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