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[News] Bilski Decision Imminent, VC Lobbies for Abolition of Software Patents

  • Subject: [News] Bilski Decision Imminent, VC Lobbies for Abolition of Software Patents
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2010 21:31:55 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Bilski Decision Watch

,----[ Quote ]
| They are probably right to be. A delay 
| this long in the decision most likely 
| means that the Court is waiting until the 
| end of the term to release it - which they 
| traditionally do for what the Justices 
| consider to be their most important and/or 
| far reaching decisions of the year.
| It may also be the case that there are 
| either important dissents or concurring 
| opinions on the case, thus prompting a 
| delay with back and forth rewrites and 
| revisions to the final decisions. (Though 
| one should recall that at oral arguments, 
| the Justices seemed universally critical 
| to the idea of broad-based business method 
| patents.) 


And I thought patents encouraged innovation


Mailing Out Patent Absurdity

,----[ Quote ]
| On the eve of re: Bilski, the anxiously 
| awaited Supreme Court decision on business 
| method patents (with potential 
| implications for software patents), I 
| decided to collaborate with the End 
| Software Patents coalition and send out 
| 200 copies of the short movie they 
| recently produced called Patent Absurdity 
| about why software should not be able to 
| be patented to a focused list of key 
| people.  The letter follows.


Mailing Out Patent Absurdity


The "End Software Patents" Web site: 

Patent Absurdity mailed to 200 policy setters

,----[ Quote ]
| Venture capitalist Brad Feld has mailed a 
| copy of Patent Absurdity to 200 policy 
| setters in the USA (see Who should see 
| Patent Absurdity?). The 200 are 
| influential people in companies, standards 
| groups, academia, and the relevent 
| political committees. 


Also in Slashdot:

Venture Capitalists Lobby Against Software Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| ciaran_o_riordan writes "No matter which 
| side the US Supreme Court's Bilski 
| decision pleases, it will be just the 
| beginning of the software patent debate in 
| the USA â the other side will start a 
| legislative battle. The lobbying has 
| already begun, with venture capitalist 
| Brad Feld arguing against software 
| patents, mailing a copy of Patent 
| Absurdity to 200 patent policy setters. As 
| Feld puts it, 'Specifically, I'm hoping 
| the film will bring you to an 
| understanding of why patents on software 
| are a massive tax on and retardant of 
| innovation in the US.' The patent lawyers 
| and big patent holders often tell us that 
| patents are needed to secure investment, 
| so it's interesting to see now that 
| venture capitalists are refuting that. And 
| Brad Feld isn't the only vocal one; 
| there's a growing list."



Bilski leaves us waiting


Bilski Sets the Patent Pondering Record


More concern over synthetic biology patents

,----[ Quote ]
| The piece, which was originally published in
| the Financial Times, follows earlier
| criticism from Nobel laureate John Sulston,
| PhD, that such patents could be "extremely
| damaging."


No Bilski Blockbuster from Supreme Court Today

,----[ Quote ]
| The Supreme Court handed down two
| relatively low-profile decisions this
| morning, leaving to another day some of the
| most-awaited cases of the term like Bilski
| v. Kappos, the business-methods patent-
| eligibility case that was argued last Nov.
| 9. The Court won't be in session again
| until May 17.

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