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[News] Apple Compared to the Mafia

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âWhy join the navy if you can be a pirate?â

                                --Steve Jobs

Open Source Developers Should Thank Apple? Did The Police Thank The Mafia?

,----[ Quote ]
| Blogger DJ Walker-Morgan says open source 
| developers should thank Apple for raising the 
| competitive bar. Rubbish! That's like the police 
| thanking the Mafia for making them more work
| [...]
| Walker-Morgan's fuzzy logic has it that Microsoft 
| had lowered the bar so low (I love it, another 
| Apple fan boy bashing Microsoft. Maybe they can do 
| a commercial on that or something) that open source 
| developers were "doing just enough" to beat 
| Microsoft. It wasn't until Steve Jobs took all of 
| his open source based know how and technology and 
| fused it into Apple, that the open source community 
| had to really try its best in order to do one 
| better than Apple.
| Utter nonsense! First of all, if Apple is using all 
| of that open source technology, how is it that none 
| of what they push down to us is open source?  In my 
| mind that makes Apple a parasite of open source. 
| They have used the technology, are notmaking the 
| resulting products open source and are contributing 
| zero back to the community.  Why is that any 
| different with that and what the Mafia does? They 
| both are just taking, not giving back and living 
| off of the work of others.
| [...]
| Mr. Walker-Morgan saying that Apple makes open 
| source better is like saying the Mafia made the 
| police better.  It would be better if they didn't 
| have to!


Bill Salak: "It's a list of open source projects Apple is 
using. A list of projects with links to the source code of 
those projects does not constitute a contribution to the 
project itself.

"I'd like to see Apple speak honestly and openly about what
projects they have made actual contributions to and explicitly 
list those contributions which have been ACCEPTED by the 
original projects."

Why open source developers should thank Apple



Prisoner of iTunes - the iPad file transfer horror

,----[ Quote ]
| The solution is by no means
| straightforward, as this anonymous Android
| developer explains. With Android, the
| ability to back up and restore apps also
| gives users the ability to steal apps, so
| how does Apple give more access to the
| file system without trashing the
| marketplace it's built with iTunes?
| Currently I understand the difficulties
| the company finds itself in, but I'm
| likely to get a lot less understanding if
| there's no sign of progress in the next
| update.


Who said Macs were for creative people?

,----[ Quote ]
| Letâs never forget that Steve Jobs used to
| buy what would become Pixar from the
| LucasFilm company and that he sold it back
| to Disney, becoming one of its
| shareholders in the process.
| Steve Jobs is therefore a many of the
| âentertainment industryâ as much as heâs
| an IT genius. Too many people forget it.
| Because of the focus on developing and
| selling machines for digital content
| consumers who are supposed to pay for it,
| one can come to see the iPad as one other
| device to consume paid content. The point,
| unfortunately, is that the lines are very
| much blurred at this stage between pundits
| taking on the angle of the tablet metaphor
| and the ones focusing on the business
| model instigated by Apple on the iPad (and
| the iPhone, indirectly).

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