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[News] New Series Looks at GNOME Sell

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Using Gnome-Shell â Day 1


Using Gnome-Shell â Day 2

,----[ Quote ]
| Day 2 was a non event. I am beginning to 
| generally dislike Gnome-Shell. It is not the 
| optimum user interface. I am seriously 
| beginning to have my doubts about Ubuntu 
| switching to Gnome-Shell, letâs hope they 
| have something up their sleeve to save Ubuntu 
| from a clunky interface.


Using Gnome Shell â Day 3

,----[ Quote ]
| I noted on a previous day that you need to 
| ALT+TAB between windows, like any other 
| regular system. The downside to this is 
| that it is the only way to view open 
| windows on a current desktop, where as 
| with any other OS you can view at least 
| which windows are open by glancing at your 
| taskbar/panel.



Revisiting gnome shell

,----[ Quote ]
| GNOME Shell is the defining technology of the
| GNOME 3 desktop user experience. It provides
| core interface functions like switching to
| windows and launching applications. GNOME Shell
| takes advantage of the capabilities of modern
| graphics hardware and introduces innovative
| user interface concepts to provide a delightful
| and easy to use experience. The GNOME Shell is
| currently in active development and while many
| planned features are not yet implemented it is
| stable enough for everyday use.


More cool gnome-shell tips and tricks

,----[ Quote ]
| If you have been reading Ghacks within the
| last month, you know that I have become a big
| fan of what will eventually become GNOME 3.
| That replacement is currently under the title
| GNOME Shell and it is already quite a stunning
| piece of work. I have covered GNOME Shell in a
| few pieces here (Check out all the GNOME Shell
| content on Ghacks) and, after further usage, I
| thought it was a good time for a few more tips
| and tricks.


I have seen the future, and it is GNOME 3

,----[ Quote ]
| GNOME 3 is different. Very different. Gone
| is the start button, to be replaced by the
| Activities button. No more are you
| fumbling around in menus to find what you
| need. What you will have is a very
| streamlined, sleek, and sexy desktop that
| is sure to make your computing life
| easier. Oh of course there will be those
| that say âIf it isnât brokeââ Well, I am
| one of those who will first claim that it
| is, in fact, âbrokeâ. The current desktop
| that most everyone uses is klunky, kludgy,
| and ugly. Itâs a task bar, and menus, and
| icons, and blah blah blahâthereâs no
| âApple factorâ. What do I mean by âApple
| factorâ? Simple - there is very little
| energy given to aesthetics. And believe me
| in the current incarnation of the modern,
| capitalist society - it is all about form
| over function. You have to look good
| before you can be good.


GNOME Shell 2.31.2 Released [Screenshots]

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