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[News] Latest Victories for "Open Data" Movement

  • Subject: [News] Latest Victories for "Open Data" Movement
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2010 19:54:14 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Open Data: Climate Change research and Chemoinformatics


Open Data is necessary but not sufficient

,----[ Quote ]
| John Wilbanks is Director of Science 
| Commons and a co-author of the Panton 
| Principles. He has responded to my 
| concerns about access to climate change 
| data, with the observation that Open data 
| is not the major problem or solution. Iâll 
| comment at the bottom. I agree with what 
| he says, but I will argue why there is a 
| role for Open Knowledge in this issue. 


Exoplanet Hunterâs First Data Withholds the Good Stuff

,----[ Quote ]
| Without all the data in hand, itâs hard to 
| answer the question that Kepler was built 
| to answer: How common are planets like 
| Earth? Though we now know hundreds of 
| exoplanets, most of them are big, hot 
| Jupiters around very bright stars that 
| could not sustain any kind of life that we 
| recognize. Itâs easy to detect the bigger 
| planets that orbit close to their stars 
| because their gravity makes the star 
| âwobbleâ more noticeably and their size 
| dims its light more. So, the data weâve 
| collected on extrasolar planets over the 
| last two decades is muddied by observation 
| bias.



Open Data in Climate Research?

,----[ Quote ]
| As a result of the presentations and the
| discussions within the panel it seemed to me
| that there was a serious lack of Openness in
| the Climate Research community. It is
| important not to judge from just one meeting
| but given the enormous public reporting and
| discussion I was disappointed to find that
| there were still parochial and entrenched
| attitudes about ownership and use of data.


Boost for London's Software Developer Community and SME's as TfL lifts all restrictions on commercial reuse of its data


Right to Government Dataâ unless itâs been outsourced

,----[ Quote ]
| The UKâs coalition government has followed up
| on its promises of a general Right To Public
| Data, with sweeping and fast-moving measures
| to open up whole sectors of public sector
| information, from the salaries of senior civil
| servants to spending by local councils.


Launch of it.ckan.net for open data in Italy!

,----[ Quote ]
| The following guest post is by Stefano Costa
| and Federico Morando. Stefano Costa is a
| researcher at the University of Siena and
| Coordinator of the OKFâs Working Group on Open
| Data in Archaeology. Federico Morando is
| Managing Director & Research Fellow at the
| NEXA Center for Internet & Society and a
| member of the Working Group on EU Open Data.


Peer review provides Â209,976,000 public subsidy to commercial publishers

,----[ Quote ]

| The Open University's Martin Weller looks at
| the Peer Review Survey 2009's numbers on free
| participation by UK academics in the peer
| review process for commercial science journals
| and concludes that 10.4m hours spent on this
| amounts to a Â209,976,000 subsidy from
| publicly funded universities to private, for-
| profit journals, who then charge small
| fortunes to the same institutions for access
| to the journals.


OCWSearch Launches API, Indexes OpenCourseWare from Ten Major Universities

,----[ Quote ]
| OCWSearch, the search engine for
| OpenCourseWare  classes, reached a milestone
| today, now indexing the OpenCourseWare content
| from ten major universities: the School of
| Public Health at Johns Hopkins, MIT, Notre
| Dame, The Open University UK, Universidad
| PolitÃcnica de Madrid, Stanford Engineering
| Everywhere, Delft University of Technology,
| University of Massachusets Boston, the
| University of Tokyo, and Yale University.
| These universities all offer courses online
| for free, under the OpenCourseWare Initiative.

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