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[News] ACTA Watch: FSF Starts Big Protest, More Nations Complain

  • Subject: [News] ACTA Watch: FSF Starts Big Protest, More Nations Complain
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2010 14:43:16 +0100
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Some critical notes on ACTA strategy


Agenda For Round Nine of ACTA Talks Posted

,----[ Quote ]
| The agenda  for the ninth round of ACTA 
| talks scheduled for Lucerne, Switzerland 
| from June 28 - July 1st.  All the major 
| issues - civil enforcement, criminal 
| provisions, Internet issues, and border 
| measures - are on the agenda.  The agenda 
| includes two elements that suggest 
| considerable progress has been made.  First, 
| the morning of the first day is devoted to a 
| report on "intersessional work." This 
| confirms rumours that there have been 
| considerable negotiations (and progress) 
| since New Zealand.  Second, the 
| international cooperation chapter makes the 
| agenda for the first time.


FSF Starts Anti-ACTA Campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| My presentation will not be a very technical 
| one but instead will be an analysis of where 
| we are and where we are going.  I will start 
| by speaking of the economic and political 
| context in which ACTA is being discussed. 
| Then, I will give an overview of elements of 
| EU IP enforcement legislation that is 
| related to the ACTA text and that is at the 
| centre of EU legislative debate. Finally, 
| and most importantly, I will reflect upon 
| the movement critical of ACTA and similar 
| measures of IP enforcement the strategic 
| options, coalition building, contradictions, 
| strongpoints and pitfalls.


linkspam of ACTA today


Worried about ACTA impact on patent law   

,----[ Quote ]
| My concern about ACTA is not related to 
| copyright law but to its effect on patents. 
| Copyright law is practically always 
| infringed by intent, while patent 
| infringement in the field of software is in 
| most cases inadvertent (that's the most 
| fundamental problem I have with software 
| patents). It would be desirable to introduce 
| into patent law, at least in connection with 
| software, an independent invention defense. 
| However, ACTA in the version I saw might do 
| quite the opposite, treating a patent 
| infringer as a "pirate" once he is made 
| aware of an infringement (for an example, by 
| a cease-and-desist letter). That's 
| unreasonable and unjust in my view.

Software freetards demand axing of ACTA


Stallman and FSF start anti-ACTA campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| Richard Stallman and the Free Software 
| Federation have issued a call to arms for 
| the free software movement to mobilise 
| against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade 
| Agreement (ACTA) currently being negotiated.
| In an extended posting on the FSF web site 
| Stallman [pictured] called on people around 
| the world to sign a declaration calling for 
| severe limits on the powers being proposed 
| in ACTA, or better yet the scrapping of the 
| entire treaty currently being hammered out 
| by politicians and industry.
| âThose politicians serve the big music and 
| movie companies,â he wrote.


Free Software Foundation calls for ACTA fight

,----[ Quote ]
| In a statement, the Free Software Foundation 
| (FSF) said that the Anti-Counterfeiting 
| Trade Agreement (ACTA) treaty is designed to 
| attack the rights of computer users in some 
| 40-odd countries.
| "ACTA threatens, in a disguised way, to 
| punish Internet users with disconnection if 
| they are accused of sharing, and requires 
| countries to prohibit software that can 
| break DRM," the FSF statement said.



FSF says: Take a stand with us for freedom, against ACTA


Support a firm, simple declaration against ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| # ACTA must respect sharing and
| cooperation: it must do nothing that would
| hinder the unremunerated noncommercial
| making, copying, giving, lending, owning,
| using, transporting, importing or
| exporting of any objects or works.
| # ACTA must not weasel about what is
| commercial: no labeling of any
| noncommercial activities as somehow
| commercial-like or treating them as if
| they were commercial.


Red Letter Day for ACTA in EU: Let's Use It


ACTA restricts developing economies, India tells WTO

,----[ Quote ]
| A secret trade agreement designed to
| harmonise some countries' intellectual
| property laws could destabilise existing
| international agreements and harm the
| economic prospects of developing
| countries, India has said.
| The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
| (ACTA) is a secret IP treaty being
| negotiated by the US, Japan, the European
| Commission and others outside of the
| normal international trade bodies the
| World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the
| World Intellectual Property Organisation
| (WIPO).


WTO Report on TRIPS Council and ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| The World Trade Organization has posted
| further information on last week's Council
| meeting where India, China, and other
| developing countries raised concerns with
| the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.


WD12 on ACTA: 150 signatures to go, time to call!

,----[ Quote ]
| Only two weeks of plenary in Strasbourg are
| left for Members of the European Parliament
| (MEPs) to have a chance to sign Written
| Declaration 12 (WD12) on ACTA. 150 signatures
| are still missing, mostly from Germany, United
| Kingdom, Italy, and Poland. Every EU citizen
| is encouraged to call Strasbourg offices of
| non-signatories MEPs until thursday, 12:00, to
| urge them to sign WD12.


FFII backs Parliament Written Declaration 12-2010 on ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Parliament Written Declaration
| 12/2010 led by MEPs FranÃoise Castex, Zuzana
| RoithovÃ, Alexander Alvaro, Stavros
| Lambrinidis receives backing from the
| Foundation of a Free Information
| Infrastructure (FFII), a European group for
| public education and consumer protection in
| the digital environment.
| The FFII analysed the current Anti-
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) draft
| and found many unintended consequences. For
| instance, sanctions against unauthorized "file
| sharing" in the digital environment would also
| stifle common electronic software distribution
| methods of operating systems and essential
| security updates. So far the Commission has
| not delivered an 'impact assessment' for these
| potential regulatory side effects.


Eastern Europe â land of digital freedom?

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, the Baltic sea neighbors Finland and
| Estonia have declared Internet access to be a
| legal right. So Iâve been wonderingâ What are
| the chances of Southeast European countries,
| for once, not being late to the show but
| actually leading the race? What do I mean by
| that? First of all, Croatia and its neighbours
| would be wise to take advantage of the
| situation. While the UK, for example, is being
| mired down with a disastrous âDigital Economy
| Actâ, perhaps our country and maybe even our
| neighbors could go the other way.

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