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[News] Why Those Who Want Freedom Should Follow the FSF

  • Subject: [News] Why Those Who Want Freedom Should Follow the FSF
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 21:50:44 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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The FSF is needed now - more than ever

,----[ Quote ]
| When would one expect an organisation like 
| the Free Software Foundation to be really 
| relevant to the world of computing at large - 
| when there is a limited threat to freedom in 
| computing or when the threat is increasing 
| exponentially?
| One would think that in the latter case, the 
| need for an organisation like the FSF would 
| be that much greater. But some people think 
| differently. People like Joe "Zonker" 
| Brockmeier, for example.
| Last week, Brockmeier put forward his views - 
| the FSF should not just say no to the use of 
| non-free software, things like SaaS (software 
| as a service) and devices like the iPad, it 
| should provide alternatives, was his take.



Joe Brockmeier Has a Bad Day

,----[ Quote ]
| He declares the campaigning of the Free
| Software Foundation for Free Software is
| negative and must change.
| Talk about a narrow point of view. The FSF
| must advocate for Free Software. That is its
| purpose. There is nothing negative about
| requiring software to be able to be run,
| examined, modified and distributed under a
| global and popular licence. There is a
| battle raging with the forces who would take
| freedom away. It is necessary to have
| sentries guarding the boundaries. It is
| necessary to have leaders rally the troops.
| Brockmeier would have us believe that open
| source is good enough, or something. It is
| not clear what he wants. I see FLOSS as
| widely accepted and growing constantly in
| share of usage. What does he see?
| Negativity!


Shooting The Messenger

,----[ Quote ]
| There's been another round of criticism on
| various blogs of the FSF's media campaigns
| to draw people's attention to the harm that
| not respecting software users freedom does.
| But the FSF's campaigns explaining why
| Microsoft and Apple's failure to respect
| users freedom is harmful have been
| successful in getting out the message that
| alternatives are needed. In the mainstream
| press as well as in the tech and tech
| culture media.
| The FSF's critics are ignoring the fact that
| most of the FSF's work consists not only of
| the positive promotion of the idea of free
| software, but in practically supporting and
| protecting its creation and use.


More Anti-Free Software Spin

,----[ Quote ]
| Secondly, the lead anti-FSF person is -
| surprise, surprise - Joe âZonkerâ
| Brockmeier, who not only is consistently
| confused[1] about the FSF,  heâs also
| amusingly fond of distorting FSF claims to
| try to make them appear like they support
| his position.
| Mr. Brockmeierâs writings on the FSF reveal
| a misunderstanding so deep and profound of
| the FSF and its mission that I have a hard
| time accepting it is honest. It starts at
| the very first sentence, where Mr.
| Brockmeier falsely implies the FSF has no
| âpositive way to push for software freedomâ
| and continues to the very end, where Mr.
| Brockmeier idiotically implies that the FSF
| is not at the âcenterâ of âfolks concerned
| with protecting software freedomâ.
| Another example: Mr. Brockmeierâs ignorance
| (or maliciousness, take your pick) is
| revealed when he insinuates that RMS is
| âtaking the FSF out of the gameâ by telling
| users not to use Saas, without mentioning
| that the FSF is in fact developing
| alteratives like GNU Social and LibrePlanet.

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