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[News] KDE 3.5 is Still Alive, KDE SC 4.4 Goes on

  • Subject: [News] KDE 3.5 is Still Alive, KDE SC 4.4 Goes on
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 12:51:01 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Linux's old KDE 3 desktop lives!?

,----[ Quote ]
| For now, the Pearson site continues to be 
| dark, but there are reports that the group 
| has managed to deliver KDE 3.5.11 for 
| Ubuntu. The main Trinity development site is 
| live and on Launchpad, Canonical's, the 
| company behind Ubuntu, Web-based 
| collaborative software development Website.


Whoâs Driving the Bus?

,----[ Quote ]
| Others, though, are driving the bus of KDE 
| and have chosen to âimproveâ the desktop. 
| Others, who feel as I do are trying to 
| preserve the look and feel of the 3.5 
| version. Whether the group doing the work 
| can sustain an independent branch of KDE is 
| a question. KDE is large and complex and the 
| libraries it depends upon changed, causing 
| some of the development of the 4 branch.


Javascript DataEngines and Runners

,----[ Quote ]
| With KDE SC 4.4, we put a fair amount of 
| work into Javascript Plasmoid support. This 
| has been extended a bit further in 4.5. 
| Javascript has also blossomed as a runtime 
| management tool for Plasma Desktop and 
| Plasma Netbook, both of which support using 
| Javascript for first-run layouts and 
| configuration updates. Plasma Desktop also 
| allows you to use Javascript for templated 
| layouts and provides an interactive console 
| for messing about with these things, 
| features that hopefully will extend to other 
| Plasma workspaces such as Netbook in 
| upcoming releases.



KDE 4.5 2nd Beta: The End of an Era


KDE SC 4.5.0 â Beta 2 â Another Quick Look

,----[ Quote ]
| Obviously, the move from beta 1 to beta 2
| wonât bring any new features, however, as I
| continue to use the KDE SC 4.5 betas, Iâm
| continuing to discover the small improvements
| that arenât obvious at first blush. Whilst
| there arenât a huge number of new features in
| this release, 4.5 is bringing a level of
| polish that will serve as a solid foundation
| for the next steps in the evolution of the KDE
| desktop.

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