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[News] Eucalyptus Becomes Fake 'Open Source'

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Open core is not open source

,----[ Quote ]
| So let me try to make one thing clear: Open 
| core may be a good business model, but open 
| core is not open source!


The Road to Closed Source Software, Eucalyptus

,----[ Quote ]
| I can remember the morning of the first 
| keynotes for the MySQL Conference after Sun 
| had acquired MySQL. You have Jonathan Swartz 
| and Rich Green delivering keynotes where the 
| underlying message was "we continue to 
| allow MySQL to run its own business".
| Why was this?
| Because Marten was going to announce the 
| close sourcing of part of the MySQL Server. 
| For years there were conversations around 
| "if we did XYZ could we take out a 
| critical...". These conversations were 
| always met with a dead silence. The codebase 
| was neither modular, nor did any of the 
| developers resonate with the message. The 
| backup code had never been designed to be a 
| standalone component so the entire message 
| of "we are close sourcing it" was a 
| delusion. We had no ability to do it.


Multi-Tenancy in Cloud Will Dominate, Change Open Source



Eucalyptus Continues Private Cloud Momentum

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2010, Eucalyptus is going to focus more on
| refining what they have and finding new
| business opportunities, Wolski said. But the
| eventual goal is to become to the cloud what
| Linux is to desktop operating systems: the
| free, customizable alternative platform that
| has the potential to put gray hair on the
| bigger, better-funded competitionâs heads.

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