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[News] Many Free/Open Source Events Coming

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MeeGo Conference Slated for November


Save the Date: MeeGo Conference 2010 in November

,----[ Quote ]
| It's time to block your calendar and request approval to travel - the MeeGo
| Conference has been scheduled for November 15 - 17, 2010 at the Aviva Stadium
| in Dublin, Ireland. This is the annual conference for MeeGo developers, OSVs, 
| OEMs, other integrators, and MeeGo project contributors.


On Having a successful GNOME event

,----[ Quote ]
| How about instead you suggest a set of 
| positive guidelines for speakers in 
| accordance with the mission statement  of 
| the GNOME Foundation and the goal of the 
| GNOME project: to create a computing 
| platform for use by the general public that 
| is completely free software.
| Is furthering the development of a Free 
| Software platform the mark of a successful 
| GNOME event? Or is âeveryone having funâ?


Red Hat Summit and JBoss World Return to Boston in 2011  


Open Source Cloud Computing: Notes from a Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| âThe future of Cloud services and 
| integrationâ conference held today in Rome 
| was another opportunity to share ideas 
| about opportunities and threats emerging 
| from cloud computing. Security vendors 
| (Trend Micro), academic researchers, postal 
| police officers and representatives from IT 
| and IT security associations discussed the 
| topic in depth.


Mark Shuttleworth at LinuxTag

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark described his (and Ubuntu's) job as 
| taking the great work done by the 
| development community and getting it out 
| there where people can use it. There has 
| been a lot of progress on the development 
| front, resulting in a great deal of top-
| quality software. But that's not where the 
| job stops; getting that software to users, 
| Mark says, is "a whole new level of 
| awesome." Achieving this new level is his 
| objective.


SCALE moves to larger venue starting in 2011

,----[ Quote ]
| In order to accommodate its steady growth 
| over the past few years, the Southern 
| California Linux Expo (SCALE) will move to 
| its new home, the Hilton Los Angeles 
| Airport, starting with SCALE 9X in 2011 


JCDL 2010 Keynote

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