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[News] Oracle Uses Sun's hardware Portfolio

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Oracle Unveils Next Generation Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems


Oracle Announces New High-Performance Computing Sun Clusters

,----[ Quote ]
| Oracle Monday expanded its line of x86 Sun 
| servers with new rackmount, blade and network 
| fabric clustering servers designed for 
| massive server clusters with a smaller 
| footprint than prior generations of Sun 
| hardware.


Has Oracle been a disaster for Sun's open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| The problem is that Oracle is naturally 
| trying to optimise its acquisition of Sun 
| for its own shareholders, but seems to have 
| forgotten that there are other stakeholders 
| too: the larger open source communities 
| that have formed around the code. That may 
| make sense in the short term, but is 
| undoubtedly fatal in the long term: free 
| software cannot continue to grow and thrive 
| without an engaged community.
| It would probably be unfair to characterise 
| Oracle's running of Sun's open source 
| projects as a disaster â at least, for the 
| moment; but as the above shows, there are 
| plenty of grounds for concern, both in 
| terms of how the code is being developed, 
| and the happiness or otherwise of 
| developers and users. Whether buying Sun 
| will prove to be a smart move in the long 
| term depends critically on how smartly 
| Larry Ellison and his managers can address 
| these issues. They also need to start to 
| think more seriously about how Oracle can 
| contribute to Sun's open source products, 
| and not just the other way around.



Oracle GlassFish Server Released - Community and Commercial Versions

,----[ Quote ]
| GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.0.1
| and the commercial Oracle GlassFish Server
| 3.0.1 product are both now available. This
| is the first product release under Oracle,
| and the newly branded Oracle release
| includes numerous critical fixes and
| updated platform support.

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