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[News] New Examples of Sharing, Openness

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ISKMEâs Lisa Petrides: Open Education and Policy

,----[ Quote ]
| At the beginning of this year we announced 
| a revised approach to our education plans, 
| focusing our activities to support of the 
| Open Educational Resources (OER) movement. 
| In order to do so we have worked hard to 
| increase the amount of information 
| available on our own site â in addition to 
| a new Education landing page and our OER 
| portal explaining Creative Commonsâ role as 
| legal and technical infrastructure 
| supporting OER, we have been conducting a 
| series of interviews to help clarify some 
| of the challenges and opportunities of OER 
| in todayâs education landscape.


A global teacher of 1,516 lessons and counting

,----[ Quote ]
| From a tiny closet in Mountain View, 
| Calif., Sal Khan is educating the globe for 
| free. His 1,516 videotaped mini-lectures -- 
| on topics ranging from simple addition to 
| vector calculus and Napoleonic campaigns -- 
| are transforming the former hedge fund 
| analyst into a YouTube sensation, reaping 
| praise from even reluctant students across 
| the world.


Openness, Radicalism, and Tolerance

,----[ Quote ]
| The idea advocated by groups like the Open 
| Knowledge Definition or the Free Cultural 
| Works crowd that there should be a litmus 
| test for openness really bothers me. Deeply 
| bothers me. What is the point of crying 
| from the rooftops that some content is 
| âOpen in Name Only?â Why must we, the 
| âopenâ folks, be in the business of 
| ideological purging like the politicians? 
| If someone has gone out of their way to 
| waive some of the rights guaranteed them 
| under the law so that they can share their 
| creative works â even if that action is to 
| apply a relatively restrictive CC BY-NC-ND 
| to their content â why arenât we praising 
| that? Why arenât we encouraging and 
| cultivating and nurturing that? Why are we 
| instead decreeing from a pretended throne 
| on high, âYour licensing decision has been 
| weighed in the balance, and has been found 
| wanting. You are not deemed worthy.â Why 
| the condescension? Why the closed-
| mindedness? Why the race to create 
| machinery like definitions that give us the 
| self-assumed authority to tell someone 
| their sharing isnât good enough?
| Why isnât the open crowd more open-minded?


Junto: overview of concept, philosophy, and components

,----[ Quote ]
| Junto is an environment for open 
| discussion, combined with a public 
| backchannel. itâs not about being a 
| platform â itâs more of a meme and a 
| mindset of collaboration and cooperation. 
| Junto was a club started by Benjamin 
| Franklin for mutual exchange of knowledge 
| and information and personal and business 
| development. When I proposed the concept of 
| Junto, it was in that spirit that the 
| community of people who believe âwe canât 
| do it aloneâ would model the behavior 
| online of what generative dialogue and open 
| innovation looks like.

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