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[News] ACTA Backlash Intensifies, an Attack on the Internet

  • Subject: [News] ACTA Backlash Intensifies, an Attack on the Internet
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 23:49:08 +0100
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Developing Country Opposition to ACTA Mounts

,----[ Quote ]
| Just as the G8-G20 meetings conclude in 
| Muskoka and Toronto, another round of 
| negotiations on the controversial Anti-
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement resumes in 
| Switzerland today. In the aftermath of the 
| last round of discussions in New Zealand, a 
| draft version of the ACTA text was publicly 
| released, temporarily quieting criticism 
| about the lack of transparency associated 
| with an agreement that currently touches on 
| all forms of intellectual property, 
| including patents, trademark, and 
| copyright.


Analysis: Why Silicon Valley should fear ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| A group of intellectual property experts 
| have warned that search engines, web hosts 
| and e-commerce sites will be stripped of 
| protections if the proposed draft of the 
| Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) 
| is endorsed.


ACTA negotiators don't care about the Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| La Quadrature du Net, along with access to 
| medication NGOs, met in Luzern with 20 
| negotiators of the Anti-Counterfeiting 
| Trade Agreement (ACTA). No answer was given 
| regarding the concern that ACTA would 
| hinder fundamental freedoms online, by 
| turning Internet operators into a private 
| copyright police. More disturbingly, 
| negotiators showed a profound lack of 
| understanding and competence, close to 
| disdain, regarding Internet and the digital 
| environment.
| [...]
| "The profound disdain of the ACTA 
| negotiators, and their blatant lack of 
| knowledge of Internet and the realities of 
| the digital environment, show how flawed 
| the whole process is. With ACTA, unelected 
| public officials will force private actors 
| into censoring the Internet in the name of 
| copyright. Citizens worldwide must react by 
| holding their government accountable." 
| concludes JÃrÃmie Zimmermann, spokesperson 
| for citizen advocacy group La Quadrature du 
| Net.


ACTA Negotiators Respond To Questions About ACTA; More Of The Same

,----[ Quote ]
| Rather than admitting how secret and closed 
| off the negotiations have been, the 
| negotiators are just passing the blame, by 
| saying it's not their issue to actually 
| engage representatives from civil rights 
| groups and civil societies. Besides, the 
| response is again off-base. If the whole 
| point of meeting with these groups is to 
| understand the concerns of them and their 
| constituents, it should be the negotiators 
| who are seeking out such meetings. Once 
| again, this response makes it clear that 
| the negotiators' marching orders are not to 
| come up with the best solution for each of 
| the societies and countries they represent, 
| but of a very narrow group of special 
| interests. This is no surprise, but the 
| answer basically confirms that they know 
| this. Very sad. 



Petition: ACTA 'threatens' Public Interests

,----[ Quote ]
| About 650 people, including 11 members of
| the European Union Parliament and about 90
| intellectual property (IP) professors, have
| signed a document saying an international
| IP enforcement agreement being negotiated
| by the U.S. and 36 other countries
| "threatens numerous public interests."
| The document, released by American
| University's Program on Information Justice
| and Intellectual Property Wednesday, raises
| a wide range of concerns about the proposed
| Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA),
| which was negotiated in secret for more
| than two years before the countries
| involved released a copy of the text in
| April.

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