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[News] Hadoop Has New Releases, Support

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Yahoo! girds Google's bastard grid child

,----[ Quote ]
| Speaking this morning at the Yahoo!-
| sponsored Hadoop Summit in Santa Clara, 
| California, company Hadoop guru Eric 
| Baldeschwieler said that both the Hadoop 
| with Security beta and the Oozie workflow 
| engine have been open sourced at Apache. 
| The security beta has been deployed on the 
| Hadoop clusters that Yahoo! maintains for 
| research organizations, and Baldeschwieler 
| tells The Reg that it is now part of 
| Yahoo!'s Hadoop distro.


Puppet Labs, Adobe Release Open Source Puppet Code for Managing Hadoop

,----[ Quote ]
| Puppet Labs, the commercial sponsor of the 
| open source server configuration framework 
| Puppet, announced today that Adobe has 
| agreed to publish their Puppet modules for 
| managing Hadoop. The code will be freely 
| available for download via the Puppet 
| Forge.


Partners Line Up in Support of Cloudera's New Hadoop-Based Offerings


Yahoo Open-Sources Two New Tools for Hadoop

,----[ Quote ]
| Yahoo, which has already been Hadoopâs 
| largest contributor, is now releasing a 
| couple of related products as open-source 
| projects at its annual Hadoop Summit. 


Cloudera preps Hadoop for the enterprise


Talend makes it easy to do big data crunching with Hadoop

,----[ Quote ]
| Yahoo is marking the fifth birthday, more 
| or less, of its Hadoop technology. The 
| open-source software allows Java 
| programmers to process large amounts of 
| data using distributed computing 
| techniques. Inspired by Googleâs MapReduce 
| and Google File System, which make it 
| possible to search the Internet in a 
| fraction of a second, Hadoop is available 
| free for anyone to use.



The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Cassandra Release 0.6

,----[ Quote ]
| The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) --
| developers, stewards, and incubators of 138
| Open Source projects -- today announced
| Apache Cassandra version 0.6, the Project's
| latest release first since its graduation
| from the ASF Incubator in February 2010.


Karmasphere Secures $5 Million to Commercialize Software for Big Data Analysis

,----[ Quote ]
| Apache Hadoop is an open source framework
| for running MapReduce applications on large
| clusters of hardware. Itâs designed for data
| processing jobs that analyze or transform
| extremely large data sets. As Hadoop can be
| challenging for even the most sophisticated
| to get started with, Karmasphere provides
| client-side software that enables
| organizations to dramatically cut the time
| and effort needed to unlock valuable
| information encased in large data sets.


Welcome to Apache Hadoop!


How jStart is leveraging distributed computing for business


Hadoop Crunches Web-Sized Data

,----[ Quote ]
| The answer is a cluster-based analysis
| system, sometimes referred to loosely as a
| cloud database system. At the Cloud
| Computing Conference and Expo Nov. 3 in
| Santa Clara, Calif., representatives of
| Yahoo explained how they use Hadoop open
| source software, from the Apache Software
| Foundation, to analyze the Web.

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