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Re: [News] Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring is Coming Shortly, Status Updates

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____/ Lusotec on Saturday 03 Jul 2010 16:09 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Mandriva is probably the second-best distro I've used. Its developers
>> spread around to other Linux companies.
> It is certainly very reliable. My maintenance work has been very light this
> year. With the exception of the usual hardware problems , mostly problematic
> drives, that require me to restore systems, everything has been basic
> maintenance (e.g. log monitoring, package upgrade testing and installing).
> Upgrade quality is also very good. I'm deploying packages from the Testing
> and Backports repositories and still in the entire 2010.0 release I had only
> two problematic package updates. One was a kernel that did not allow 32bit
> programs to run (on AMD64 system). The other was a package with a config
> file with wrong permissions.
> I had *zero* call/messages from users complaining that something was not
> working as expected (hardware problems excluded). Still have the usual "How
> do you do ...?" or "What program to use for ...?" type of questions, but
> even those are getting fewer in number as the newer users are starting to be
> familiar with the system.
> We will test the new Mandriva 2010.1 release and decide when to upgrade.
> From my very good experience with 2010.1 cooker I would bet in October we
> will start the upgrade process.

Google has just snapped a key Mandriva developer. Wouldn't it be cool if Google 
bought/adopted Mandriva as its 'distro department' (Facebook has just snapped the 
key Chrome OS developer)?

It seems like Linux starts to be dominated by top commiters like Red Hat, IBM, 
Google, Intel, Nokia, HP, and Canonical (which hardly commits to Linux).

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