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Re: Linux continues to be safer than windopws

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Saturday 03 Jul 2010 19:13 : \____

> Megabyte wrote:
>> Manus den Bruinwerker wrote:
>>> "7" schreef...
>>>> Apparently micoshaft retards have been contacting their retarded
>>>> counterparts and supporters at Del and tellin them to take off
>>>> marketing material from Del websites that hurt micoshaft
>>>> marketing department.
>>>> http://www.zdnet.co.uk/blogs/the-open-source-revolution-10014902/dell-
>>>> [snip]
>>>> Ultimately snooping on public will fail and back fire when the
>>>> people whose records are being kept and being targeted find out
>>>> because that information leaks.
>>>> How do all these people in the list below get their life back? Do
>>>> they sue Micoshaft Corporation and the marketing plops that run
>>>> these snooping departments?
>>> Another silly attempt by "7" - Joseph Michael, to avoid legal
>>> charges. "Micoshat, windopws, Del ,Micoshaft, Micoshaftees"
>>> But Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs has all your private
>>> data, be sure about that!
>> Oh, so what you are telling us is that Microsoft tracks NNTP
>> newsgroups collecting personal information about private individuals
>> that exercise their free speech.  Doesn't that sound like a company
>> to embrace!
> I saw the same kind of crap a decade ago from Iomega employees not yet
> embracing their pink slips, who were astroturfing independent Iomega
> Internet forums.  I including others were having problems with their
> hardware, in my case an Iomega Ditto 2GB tape backup unit.
> Those seeking answers and relief due to Iomega's poor technical support
> policies toward in-warranty hardware defects were flamed and insulted,
> called liars, accused of trolling, etc. when they asked for help or
> mentioned their dissatisfaction and maltreatment at the system.
> When the pink slips came, there were a good number of "deer in the
> headlights look" posts from now disgruntled employees.
> It is no different here.  What is interesting is the same trolls that
> have been trolling this Usenet group for the past decade are still
> trolling.  Some of them did the same in the OS2 Usenet groups.  The only
> thing different are their gray hairs, changed nyms and nymshifts to make
> it appear there are more than are really there.
> It is all to discourage developers from developing applications for
> other operating systems, keep the masses from embracing anything
> different, keep corporate managements in a false state of fear from
> changing.  IOW, motivated solely by greed.

Microsoft was caught doing this before and it was published in major papers. 
Microsoft contracts outside agencies to do this (they work for other clients 


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