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Re: [comp.os.linux.advocacy] Post Script to FAQ and Primer for COLA, Edition III

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Monday 05 Jul 2010 15:55 : \____

> PDF page 55
> Microsoft Evangelism
> Comes vs. Microsoft court case
> http://www.groklaw.net/pdf/Comes-3096.pdf
> The following from the same evangelism document seems to support what
> these trolls are doing.  One must read this with a grain of salt:
> [quote]
> Our weapons are psychological, economic, and political - not military.
> No one is forced to adopt our standards at the barrel of a gun. We can
> only convince, not compel. Those who adopt our standards do so as a
> rational decision to serve their own ends, whatever those may be. It is
> our job to ensure that those choosing an operating system are presented
> with an overwhelming abundance of evidence and reasoned argument in
> favor of our standards - so overwhelming that the choice of our
> standards seems obvious, or (ideally) that the developer is not even
> aware that a decision was faced, and a choice made.
> We do this by understanding the barriers that might otherwise prevent
> the developer from adopting our standards, and removing them; by
> understanding the inducements that might facilitate the developer's
> adoption of our standards, and providing them; by understanding the
> arguments of our competition, and countering them.
> [/quote]

There's a new/old tactic from new nyms of old trolls -- they
inject objectionable material into the newsgroups
to repel regulars.

Welcome back, HPT.

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		~~ Best of wishes

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