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Re: Linux for Professional Photography

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____/ Rick on Tuesday 06 Jul 2010 15:12 : \____

> <http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2010/07/
> linux_for_professional_photogr.php>
> The last paragraph:
> "For the first time since switching mostly to Linux almost two years ago,
> I can do all my image editing in Linux without compromise, even for the
> most complex professional jobs."
> I am sure our resident anti-Linux crowd will try to pick the blog apart.
> Still, it is good to see that some professional photographers can get
> there work done in Linux systems.

A lot of people I know just throw their photos at Picasa, which works just fine
in Linux (but is proprietary).  Gwenview and digiKam are worth a look (but
I'm biased as a KDE user).

'Professional' photographers who do it for a living might need some Mac/Windows
program (which probably works under Wine), but for all the common functions, there's 
no need for any of that.

Many cameras use embedded Linux.

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