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[News] KDE Akademy Starts, Covered by KDE

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Akademy Ready for Take-off!

,----[ Quote ]
| In Tampere, Finland, the pre-Akademy party 
| kicked off the conference last night. 
| Hundreds of KDE contributors were there, 
| meeting old and new friends and enjoying the 
| party. Rowdy Brazilians and Dutch cheered on 
| their teams as their countries battled each 
| other in the World Cup on the big screen. 
| Others spent time reliving their childhood 
| on the classic arcade machine. 


Impression of First Day at Akademy 2010

,----[ Quote ]
| After many years of successful meetings in 
| great locations, Tampere has a lot to live 
| up to as this year's Akademy host city. On 
| the basis of the first day at least, it has 
| not disappointed. After the opening keynote 
| by Valtteri Halla a series of other talks 
| followed and we have had plenty of 
| discussions in the open spaces between the 
| conference rooms. Read on for an impression 
| of the first day of the biggest and coolest 
| Akademy ever!


Akademy Day 2

,----[ Quote ]
| After a successful first day of talks and 
| the Akademy party, hundreds of KDE 
| contributors returned to the University of 
| Tampere for the second day of the 
| conference. Already, the slides and videos 
| are starting to be uploaded on the Akademy 
| website, for those of you who couldn't make 
| it to Akademy or are here but couldn't 
| attend two presentations at once.


start your Akademy engines!



lasma @ Akademy

,----[ Quote ]
| The Plasma team will also be hosting a
| Plasma Feedback Round Table. This is a
| session for us to sit around a room with
| other interested / concerned KDE folk. We
| will answer the questions those attending
| have to the best of our abilities (and
| record the ones we don't have answers for to
| do further research on them), and discuss
| ideas regarding Plasma now and in the future
| with all in attendance.


me @ Akademy

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