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[News] New Examples of Open Science and Sharing as Mindset

  • Subject: [News] New Examples of Open Science and Sharing as Mindset
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 20:04:02 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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The Biocep R Project Brings Open Science to the Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| Using these tools, any number of 
| geographically distributed users can 
| collaborate simultaneously on scientific 
| projects, using the same virtual machine, 
| the same analytic tool, the same data.


Welcome to Open Source Law

,----[ Quote ]
| Since, as Larry Lessig famously pointed out, 
| "code is law" (and vice versa), it's natural 
| to try to apply open source methodologies in 
| the legal world. Indeed, a site called 
| Openlaw existed ten years ago:
|     Openlaw is an experiment in crafting 
|     legal argument in an open forum. With 
|     your assistance, we will develop 
|     arguments, draft pleadings, and edit 
|     briefs in public, online. Non-lawyers 
|     and lawyers alike are invited to join 
|     the process by adding thoughts to the 
|     "brainstorm" outlines, drafting and 
|     commenting on drafts in progress, and 
|     suggesting reference sources.
|     Building on the model of open source 
|     software, we are working from the 
|     hypothesis that an open development 
|     process best harnesses the distributed 
|     resources of the Internet community. By 
|     using the Internet, we hope to enable 
|     the public interest to speak as loudly 
|     as the interests of corporations. 
|     Openlaw is therefore a large project 
|     built through the coordinated effort of 
|     many small (and not so small) 
|     contributions. 
| Despite this long pedigree, open source law 
| never really took off - until now.


Technology and the Rights of the Child

,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs also worth considering childrenâs own 
| intellectual property rights. Whilst some 
| bemoan young peopleâs attitudes towards 
| copyright, particularly through peer to peer 
| file sharing of copyright material, I wonder 
| how much attention schools and teachers 
| generally pay to the copyright of their 
| pupilsâ own work. Perhaps many are happy to 
| photocopy, scan and upload childrenâs work, 
| always with the best intentions, without 
| seeking permission or acknowledging 
| authorship. By way of contrast, I heard some 
| very positive stories via Twitter of, for 
| example, schools and teachers that buy art 
| work off their pupils to hang. We could also 
| help educate about copyright by doing more 
| to encourage the acknowledgement, sharing 
| and collaboration that underlies Creative 
| Commons licensing, as well as much Early 
| Years practice.
| In short, part of citizenship, be it 
| analogue or digital, has to be educating 
| children about their rights and associated 
| responsibilities. To avoid charges of 
| hypocrisy, surely this means that we should 
| take their rights, including those of free 
| expression, of free access to information, 
| of privacy and of intellectual property 
| seriously, respecting these and defending 
| these when others do not.

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