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[News] New Key Gains for Open Data

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iRail is back

,----[ Quote ]
| Also, dear NMBS/SNCB, please provide us with 
| an API. Clearly, Iâm not the only one 
| interested in open data and APIs. This would 
| make small projects like this quite a bit 
| easier and would greatly increase the end 
| quality. Data scraping just doesnât fit 
| web2.0.


10 Rules For Radicals â Open Data


Data science democratized

,----[ Quote ]
| I am not a data scientist. Nor am I a 
| programmer. I've got an inclination toward 
| technology, but my core skill set very much 
| resides in the humanities domain.
| I offer this biographical sketch up front 
| because I think I have a lot in common with 
| the people who work around and near tech 
| spaces: academics, business users, 
| entertainment professionals, editors, 
| writers, producers, etc. The interesting 
| thing about data science -- and the reason 
| why I'm glad Mike Loukides wrote "What is 
| data science?" -- is that vast stores of 
| data have relevance to all sorts of folks, 
| including people like me who lack a pure 
| technical pedigree.


The potential of Healthcare.gov

,----[ Quote ]
| The Department of Health and Human Services 
| continues its rapid roll-out of new data 
| initiatives that bring ordinary Americans 
| digitally into the heart of the health care 
| system. Today, HHS announced the latest in 
| these open government projects, which 
| collectively provide excellent examples of 
| the goals behind opening up data--not data 
| for data's sake, but data as a tool people 
| can use to get more involved in policy, have 
| an impact on civic life, and hopefully make 
| their own lives better along the way. 



Open Data Definition at OSCON

,----[ Quote ]
| Safe enough to say that the OSD has been
| quite successful in laying out a set of
| criteria for what is, and what is not,
| Open Source. We should adopt a definition
| Open Data, even if it means merely
| endorsing an existing one.


Data is not binary

,----[ Quote ]
| Why open data requires credibility and
| transparency.

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