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[News] Heaps of New and Lesser-known Applications for GNU/Linux Only

  • Subject: [News] Heaps of New and Lesser-known Applications for GNU/Linux Only
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 11:17:47 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Minitunes â Yet Another Music Player?

,----[ Quote ]
| The developer of Minitube, the desktop 
| YouTube player for Linux, has revealed a 
| new music player called Minitunes. There 
| are innumerable music players players 
| available for Linux; many of them no 
| different from the other.


Minitunes released for Mac OS X and Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Flavio Tordini, an Italian software 
| developer and creator of Minitube, has 
| announced the release of the first version 
| of his new cross-platform Minitunes music 
| player. According to Tordini, who 
| considers his application to be "just 
| another music player, only better", 
| Minitunes is designed to provide a "clean 
| and innovative interface".


A Note-Slinging Dynamic Duo

,----[ Quote ]
| Using two note-taking applications in 
| tandem -- Basket Note Pads and QToDo -- 
| leaves the user wanting for few, if any, 
| additional features. Basket's extensive 
| use of tags is a real plus, and its 
| always-on nature makes quick access a 
| breeze. Meanwhile, QToDo shines in task-
| tracking. Perhaps merging both sets of 
| functions into one app would create the 
| ideal note-taking environment.


Roundup: Text Based Text Editors

,----[ Quote ]
| For some reason, text editors are 
| something that us Unix geeks get very 
| passionate about. Whether itâs an argument 
| over which editor is better, or just 
| professing our love for our favourite 
| keyboard shortcuts, itâs an emotive issue.


Linux for Professional Photography

,----[ Quote ]
| When browsing and culling a folder of RAW 
| files (in my case Nikon NEF) Irfanview is 
| exceptionally fast as it reads the 
| embedded JPEG preview rather than 
| interpreting the RAW data. The preview 
| file is a full resolution file, but 
| compressed with "basic" JPEG quality. When 
| you shoot RAW files and review the images 
| on the camera's LCD, it's the preview 
| files you're looking at.
| Irfanview is also fast and intuitive for 
| batch functions such as resizing images 
| and IPTC captioning.
| For the first time since switching mostly 
| to Linux almost two years ago, I can do 
| all my image editing in Linux without 
| compromise, even for the most complex 
| professional jobs.


GmailWatcher - Another way to get GMail alerts in the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

,----[ Quote ]
| If Evolution is overkill for your needs 
| than a simple Gmail notification 
| application is ideal.
| There are plenty of solutions available - 
| in fact we've reviewed two such 
| applications previously.
| Say hello to another, then, as we peek at 
| GMailWatcher - a simple Messaging Menu 
| application for alerting you to new mails 
| in your inbox right on your desktop.


GIMP Plugin Registry 3.5.1 Gets ~129 New Plugins

,----[ Quote ]
| A new GIMP Plugin Registry version was 
| released today in Debian - 3.5, which 
| failed to build under Ubuntu (because of a 
| Python bug in Ubuntu Karmic and Lucid). 
| After exchanging lots of emails with Bernd 
| Zeimetz, the Debian maintainer of the GIMP 
| Plugin Registry, he was able to locate the 
| issue and fix it so Ubuntu users can enjoy 
| these new plugins already. That's why he 
| released yet another version today - 
| 3.5.1. And as always, the latest version 
| is now available in the WebUpd8 PPA.


Maestro, strike up the MIDI

,----[ Quote ]
| The Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard (VMPK) is 
| a MIDI event generator â a program that 
| converts mouse actions and keystrokes in 
| your computer into MIDI events, which can 
| be sent to other programs or devices that 
| understand MIDI and produce sound. It also 
| receives MIDI events from other programs 
| or external devices, displaying note 
| events as highlighted piano keys, 
| indicating control change events by moving 
| the knobs in the toolbars, and so on.


Linux Foundation releases Windows accessibility software under BSD

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation's Open A11y 
| (Accessibility) Workgroup has announced 
| the release of IAccessible2 for Windows 
| version 1.2 under a BSD licence. 


6 More of the Best Free Linux Finance Software

,----[ Quote ]
| We have all read stories about people who 
| have experimented living without spending 
| any money whatsoever. By growing their own 
| food, washing in the river, using a solar 
| panel to provide electricity, and 
| bartering for certain goods and services, 
| these adventures have met with limited 
| success. However, for us mere mortals the 
| simple fact is that we need money. Money 
| to buy food, to purchase clothes, to pay 
| our bills, as well as indulging in our 
| other infinite wants and desires.


Patched NotifyOSD Updates: Option To Place The Notifications In Different Screen Corners, Timeout Fix


Nip2 spreadsheet-like graphical image manipulation tool front end to the VIPS package. 

,----[ Quote ]
| VIPS is an image processing system 
| designed with efficiency in mind. It is 
| good with large images (images larger than 
| the amount of RAM in your machine), and 
| for working with colour. It can perform 
| many image manipulation tasks much faster 
| than other packages such as ImageMagick 
| and the GIMP and includes some special 
| features such as creating single "mosaic" 
| images from multiple parts.


Qmmp - Slick Winamp Like Music Player For Linux With Support For Winamp Skins

,----[ Quote ]
| Qmmp is a simple, fast and versatile 
| Winamp or XMMS like music player for 
| Linux. It is written primarily with the 
| help of Qt library. Qmmp supports almost 
| all kinds of music formats out there and 
| it is down to earth simple to use and 
| configure.


Top Ten Apps That Make Linux Fun To Use

,----[ Quote ]
| Many Linux enthusiasts associate desktop 
| Linux with their repetitive daily routine. 
| Same old, same old.
| Looking to mix things up a little, I 
| thought itâd be fun to take a more 
| entertaining look at what we can do with 
| our Linux boxes. Iâm listing ten 
| noteworthy Linux applications that I find 
| very fun to use. 


HandBrake: The Best Beginner DVD Ripper

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems like I have a lot to talk about 
| these days when it comes to digital media, 
| and this article is no exception. As I 
| discussed in a previous article, I feel 
| that physical media (CDâs, Blu-Ray, DVD) 
| is going away and in the future digital 
| media will rule all. While this is a 
| blessing since less shelf space would be 
| taken up by stacks of media, it is also a 
| curse since companies will likely push 
| DRM. However, what if you wanted to adopt 
| digital media on your own terms, using 
| free software? Well, Handbrake is here to 
| take care of digitizing your DVD 
| collection.


Re-conquer Konqueror with Rekonq

,----[ Quote ]
| The description of Rekonq is simple: the 
| Konqueror browser using the WebKit engine. 
| But itâs not quite that simple. Rekonq 
| will be the new default browser for 
| Kubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat). This is 
| a new project that will, hopefully, 
| overcome some ofthe shortcomings of the 
| current Konqueror browser. And in this 
| article we will take a look at this new 
| browser so all the Ghacks readers will be 
| prepared when it lands on the new KDE 
| desktop.


7 Reasons to Use the Opera Web Browser on Linux

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