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[News] Sabayon Linux in the Headlines, Receives Great Review

  • Subject: [News] Sabayon Linux in the Headlines, Receives Great Review
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 11:27:35 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Learning While Playing for a Better World

,----[ Quote ]
| I canât think of a better way to learn 
| something new by playing. Since the âspin 
| eraâ has begun with Sabayon Linux by using 
| molecule, itâs something new to learn. Joost 
| has posted a quick run down of how to do a 
| basic spin.   Iâve been messing around with 
| this molecule thing and have found that 
| adding and subtracting packages is simple 
| enough to do.  I do find that specific 
| customizations of the user and root accounts 
| a bit more complicated.  Iâm still trying to 
| figure that one out yet.  Scripting isnât my 
| strong point at all.  I understand what it 
| needs to do, but assembling a script of 
| commands and paths is like writing 
| hieroglyphics.  Iâm not sure where the script 
| should be placed at in my spec file nor when 
| the script should be invoked.


Spotlight on Linux: Sabayon Linux 5.3

,----[ Quote ]
| This release of Sabayon is proving to be easy, fast,
| and stable. It is available in x86 or 64-bit KDE or 
| GNOME versions as well as a CoreCD consisting just of 
| the basics. With the included XBMC, Sabayon can easily
| become a home theater center as well. It is also the only 
| known live distribution to offer musical accompaniment during 
| boot. All the technical aspects aside, the best thing about 
| Sabayon is - it's just plain fun and easy to use.



Sabayon Linux 5.3 adds new installer

,----[ Quote ]
| The Sabayon Linux developers have released the
| GNOME and KDE variants of version 5.3 of their
| Linux distribution. Sabayon, named after an
| egg-yolk based dessert, is derived from Gentoo
| Linux and is aimed at providing a "complete
| out-of-the-box experience" while being both
| stable and versatile.


Sabayon Linux 5.3 adds Anaconda


Sabayon 5.3 Progress, Get Involved with Testing, Bumps

,----[ Quote ]
| It must be about time for an update, tough to
| blog when summer is here.  5.3 is in the works
| and is at a RC2 status.  Some of the changes
| include bug fixes of course, btrfs support,
| mono removed from grub and installer fixes.
| Keep in mind that btrfs is very young in
| development and should not be used in a stable
| environment.  I did try it out in a virtual box
| setting and it seemed to work good for the
| little bit of time I worked with it.  Mitch
| follows the progress of it and has been a good
| source for information.  It sounds like in
| kernel 2.6.36 things will even be better for
| btrfs.  Iâll have to try and keep an eye on it
| myself, seems promising.

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