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[News] New Examples of Linux in Devices/Embedded

  • Subject: [News] New Examples of Linux in Devices/Embedded
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 11:59:56 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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eZ430-Chronos and Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| In an earlier blog I wrote about the TI 
| eZ430-Chronos. This is a $50 development 
| kit with a twist. Instead of a generic 
| target board, you get a wristwatch. Its 
| more of a "Casio-style sports watch" than 
| a Rolex, but inside is a fairly powerful 
| MSP430 CPU and I/O including a 3-axis 
| accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a 
| pressure sensor, and a wireless connection 
| back to a PC. You also get a USB 
| programmer, and the USB receiver for the 
| watch. Use coupon code HALFMSPTOOL (don't 
| know when that expires) and the price 
| drops to under $25.


OK Labs promises secure mobile virtualization

,----[ Quote ]
| The platform is currently a prototype, 
| based on Sirrix' Turaya Security Kernel, 
| which handles encryption, VPN and a 
| trusted user interface; and the OKL4 
| Microvisor, which can host the Sirrix 
| trusted desktop alongside a variety of 
| guest OS, including Android and other 
| Linux variants, in OKL4 secure cells. The 
| platform will initially run on Nokia's 
| N900 product, which runs Linux-based 
| Maemo.


FemtoLinux allows to run applications in kernel mode on ARM, MIPS and PPC

,----[ Quote ]
| FemtoLinux is a new Linux flavor optimized 
| for real-time embedded systems. Our design 
| goal is a low system call and interrupt-
| to-application latency and overhead. We 
| achieve this by allowing to run critical 
| Linux applications in kernel mode.


Tiny embedded PC offers 1080p video


Open source robotics â is Qbo the ultimate project?

,----[ Quote ]
| Robotics and artificial intelligence 
| enthusiast Francisco Paz has launched a 
| new open source robot called Qbo. Pazâs 
| five-year-long personal project is an 
| attempt to realise the recently stated 
| goal of Tomomasa Sato, director of the 
| Japanese Robotics Association, to develop 
| âan open source Model-T robot in which all 
| global standards may be applied to achieve 
| a result as revolutionary as Fordâs Model-
| T was for the car industry.â
| As with other projects in the growing open 
| source hardware space, Qbo will be made, 
| as far as possible, from off-the-shelf 
| components, and all design plans, firmware 
| and control software will be distributed 
| under an open source licence.


Birth of a world beater

,----[ Quote ]
| An estimated 20 billion ARM processors are 
| installed worldwide, around four per 
| person and up to four or five per device.
| For Sophie Wilson (pictured at left), who 
| wrote the original instruction set back in 
| 1983 for what was conceived as a co-
| processor for Acorn's BBC Micro computer, 
| they are still a "little bit awe-
| inspiring."


Mother of ARM

,----[ Quote ]
| Almost everything that ARM could be doing 
| it is except for widespread use in PCs.



Embedded Linux development platform adds PowerPC support

,----[ Quote ]
| Mentor Graphics announced a version of its
| Mentor Embedded Linux development platform
| that supports Freescale's PowerPC-based
| QorIQ and PowerQUICC processors. The
| multicore-ready Mentor Embedded Linux for
| QorIQ and PowerQUICC includes an Embedded
| System Builder build engine, an Eclipse-
| based Mentor Embedded Edge IDE (integrated
| development environment), and debug tools,
| says the company.


MontaVista spins Linux development platform for Cortex-A9

,----[ Quote ]
| MontaVista Software, LLC, announced the
| availability of what's claimed to be the
| first commercial Linux distribution and
| toolchain optimized for ARM Cortex-A9
| processors. Offered as a market specific
| distribution (MSD) package for MontaVista
| Linux 6 (MVL6), the software includes a
| toolchain optimized for the multicore-
| enabled Cortex-A9 architecture, says the
| Cavium subsidiary.


Linux-based multicore design targets femtocells

,----[ Quote ]
| The initial TCI6485 and TCI6489 models were
| said to power femotcells serving between
| eight and 32 HSPA 3G wireless users,
| respectively. At the time, TI said the DSPs
| were offered with a Linux support package
| and a software reference design from TI
| partners Continuous Computing and MimoOn.
| (See farther below for more on the
| TCI6489.)


RISC/DSP cores gain Linux development support

,----[ Quote ]
| ARC International announced that its ARC
| 700 processor cores would be available with
| a Linux distribution from Codito
| Technologies back in 2004. ARC added SIMD
| (single-instruction, multiple-data)
| instruction support to the ARC 700 line in
| 2005, and added support subscriptions for
| the Codito Linux tools in 2007.


Tiny embedded device server offloads Ethernet networking chores

,----[ Quote ]
| Lantronix is also known for its XPort Pro
| embedded networking module, which it touts
| as the "world's smallest Linux networking
| server." The XPort Pro (pictured at right)
| measures 1.33 x 0.64 x 0.53 inches, and
| offers 8MB of SDRAM, 16MB of flash, RJ45
| Ethernet and serial ports, a web server,
| SSH and SSL security, and IPv6 support.

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