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[News] Education in the UK and Public Sector Urged to Move to Freedom Software

  • Subject: [News] Education in the UK and Public Sector Urged to Move to Freedom Software
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 13:30:15 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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An 'open source manifesto' to counter the ICT cuts 

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. Don't buy any software. No, seriously, 
| just stop buying software licences. If you'd 
| like to carry on using your Windows machines, 
| check out the Open Education Disc, with a 
| comprehensive suite of absolutely free 
| applications providing tools for (almost) 
| every area of learning within and beyond the 
| curriculum, including OpenOffice.org, 
| Inkscape and the GIMP, to replace Office, 
| Illustrator and Photoshop for starters.
| Furthermore, you're allowed, indeed 
| encouraged, to duplicate this so your pupils 
| have access to the same software, legally and 
| for free, at home too. Better still, put the 
| temptation to buy more software firmly out of 
| your grasp by switching to Linux desktops, 
| such as the undeniably excellent Ubuntu. This 
| comes as standard with a great suite of 
| applications, with at the last count 30,046 
| packages (such as Tablix, a genetic algorithm 
| based timetabler), that you can install (for 
| free) over the net as and when you need them: 
| think app store for a desktop, but all free 
| and (generally) of very good quality.
| If you're worried that your pupils won't cope 
| with an unfamiliar interface, don't be, 
| they'll quickly adjust and will be far more 
| discerning users of computers as a result; if 
| you're worried that this won't prepare them 
| for the world of Windows, don't be, just have 
| a glance at Ofsted's comments about 
| alternative operating systems.


NHS IT spending tops Â1.6bn


BBC website cuts given go-ahead

,----[ Quote ]
| The BBCâs governing body has essentially 
| approved a 25 percent cut in the 
| broadcasterâs online budget.
| The BBC Trust said it endorsed the 
| âconceptâ of the cuts, which will see the 
| broadcaster halve the number of pages 
| running on the extensive www.bbc.co.uk 
| site, and could see up to a quarter of 
| online staff lose their jobs. It said it 
| was now awaiting more specific plans.
| The news comes as the Trust rejected plans 
| to close BBC 6 Music, an eagerly-supported 
| specialist music radio station.
| There are 29.5 million unique UK visitors 
| every week to the BBC website. BBC 
| director general Mark Thompson said in 
| March that the broadcaster needed to focus 
| on quality instead of attempting âto do 
| everythingâ, but he insisted the website 
| plans did not mark a âretreat from 
| digitalâ. 


BBC chose Flash at the end, but then went with DRM.

Flash Vs Silverlight 

,----[ Quote ]
| Silverlight is missing Linux support, so 
| people using Linux machine cannot run it 
| on their machines and will have to stick 
| to Windows and MAC OS.



ICT to face crisis in UK Schools

,----[ Quote ]
| We are going to have to face a very
| uncomfortable fact in the coming weeks and
| months. This new Coalition Government is out of
| love with ICT in schools.
| I am certainly not the only pundit who has
| noticed the resounding silence surrounding
| matters ICT amongst the noisy plethora of other
| announcements concerning educational reform.
| All we know so far is that virtually the very
| first act of this government was to abolish
| Becta, an act they had uniquely signalled
| months in advance of coming to power and
| carried out with a ferocity resembling a
| pogrom.
| Something about it, taken in combination with
| stories from ex-Becta employees who
| (subsequently) complained about apparatchik
| style cronyism within the organisation makes me
| think that ICT has been linked deeply with the
| previous administration..and not in a good way.

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