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[News] More New Examples of Semi-Open Source and Need for Reform

  • Subject: [News] More New Examples of Semi-Open Source and Need for Reform
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 13:43:02 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Clearing the Air on the Open Core Business Model

,----[ Quote ]
| Don't mention "open core" to Larry 
| Augustin. Trust me, not a good idea.
| He gets a small twitch in his face and 
| enough clouds build that, even though I've 
| got a few inches, a lot more pounds, and 
| some martial arts training on him, I felt 
| it prudent to take half a step back when I 
| stupidly lumped SugarCRM in with open core 
| products in a barroom conversation with 
| him last month.


Open Source ERP Gaining Traction


Open source needs to change enterprise buying patterns

,----[ Quote ]
| By contrast, Schott notes, open source may 
| cost time (i.e. money) to set up and 
| evaluate, but you save that on the back-
| end, on lower subscription costs and no 
| initial license cost. You have to sell 
| yourself, in other words, but you save 
| big.



Simon Phipps: An Open Source Evangelist Forges On

,----[ Quote ]
| Simon Phipps is a man with a missionâ
| Well, a new mission. The former open
| source evangelist for Sun Microsystems has
| always been kind of missiony. His new
| cause: proving that "open source
| continuity" is a reality. His vehicle for
| that mission: ForgeRock, a company formed
| by erstwhile Sun execs to provide
| "reliable stewardship" for OpenSSO, an
| open-source access management and
| federation server platform.
| OpenSSO was a Sun-sponsored open-source
| project, the stewardship of which went to
| Oracle when it was acquired. But Big O has
| shown little interest in the technology.
| Earlier this year, the company declared
| that OpenSSO was "not strategic," and
| later removed OpenSSO Express as a
| download.
| Enter ForgeRock, which was founded in
| February by Lasse Andresen, former CTO of
| Sun's Europe, Middle East and Africa
| (EMEA) region, Herman Svoren, former Sun
| Sales exec (EMEA). Phipps joined the
| company in May.


What lies beyond the open core debate?

,----[ Quote ]
| Simon Phipps rose to the challenge, in
| doing so also countering some recent
| statements in favor of the open core
| approach from Marten Mickos. While Simon
| makes some very valid points, and
| Compiereâs strategy was undeniably open
| core, it does not necessarily follow that
| all open core strategies are doomed to
| fail (as Jorg himself stated âexecution is
| everythingâ).


Open Source Needs To Have An Unfair Advantage To Succeed

,----[ Quote ]
| Simon has some great points in his posting
| yesterday, reminding us all that the non-
| open features or services a company
| provides to its customers may lead to
| lock-in and reduction of freedoms for the
| customer. He also comments that open core
| businesses "stand to benefit massively"
| from this. It seems that he is arguing
| that this is a bad thing. My main point is
| the opposite: by having vendors in the
| open source space that benefit massively,
| we will have a stronger world of free and
| open source software (FOSS).
| To have many companies that benefit
| massively in the open source space, I
| believe we have to practice many different
| business models. What works for Red Hat
| may not work for MySQL and what works for
| MySQL may not work for MuleSoft, and so
| on. A number of open source companies are
| implementing so called phone home features
| and other essential benefits of the
| product that are predicated on an online
| connection to the vendor's web service.
| Because a web service is a service and not
| a piece of software that gets distributed,
| many FOSS enthusiasts forget that those
| services are from all practical
| standpoints as closed as closed source
| code.


âOpen Coreâ Is the New Shareware

,----[ Quote ]
| Like most buzzwords, Open Core has no real agreed-upon
| meaning. I'm using it to describe a business model
| whereby some middleware-ish system is released by a
| single, for-profit entity copyright holder, who
| requires copyright-assigned changes back to the
| company, and that company sells proprietary add-ons
| and applications that use the framework. Often, the
| model further uses the GPL to forbid anyone but the
| copyright-holding company to make such proprietary
| add-on applications (i.e., everyone else would have to
| GPL their applications). In the current debate, some
| have proposed that a permissive license structure can
| be used for the core instead.

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