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[News] A Look at CSQL, SkySQL

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CSQL - Command Line SQL Interpreter

,----[ Quote ]
| CSQL is a very powerful command line 
| interpreter. You are recommended to read 
| our online Wiki CSQL Interpreter Tutorial. 
| You will learn about reading, saving, and 
| appending SQL statement, Shell command 
| execution/registration, transaction 
| processing, outputting schema 
| information/syntax rules and examples, 
| parameter setting, etc, which are beyond 
| those provided by CUBRID Manager or other 
| simple query editor tools.


Welcoming SkySQL, a new home for MySQL talents

,----[ Quote ]
| I am happy to see that SkySQL, a new home 
| for MySQL talents, is being formed.



Oracle join SQLite Consortium

,----[ Quote ]
| Oracle has announced that it has joined the
| SQLite Consortium. The move came, according the
| BerkeleyDB's Senior Product Manager Gregory
| Burd, "to show our commitment to the community
| which built SQLite and demonstrate our sincere
| desire to be a good citizen and partner".
| Oracle acquired Sleepycat Software, the makers
| of the open source BerkeleyDB, in 2006.


Talking To Oracle About The MySQL Community

,----[ Quote ]
| Recently I was invited to go on the Oracle
| TechCast video show to talk about community
| within the context of MySQL.
| I was joined by Luke Kowalski, Oracle VP in
| the Corporate Architecture Group, and we
| discussed a range of topics. The primary
| message I took to the show was that (a) we
| should not pre-judge Oracle yet for their
| stewardship of the MySQL based on the fear
| of what could happen, but I also made it
| clear to Luke that (b) Oracle needs to make
| a firm commitment to acting within the
| culture and ethos of Open Source to have an
| effective, fulfilling relationship with the
| MySQL community.

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