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Re: Firefox 6 and 7 Available for Download

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Sunday 10 Jul 2011 13:53 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>> ____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Saturday 09 Jul 2011 21:49 : \____
>>> Goblin wrote this copyrighted missive and expects royalties:
>>>> On 09/07/11 14:23, Hadron wrote:
>>>>> I realise you're not very bright
>>>> Say it enough times and your fellow Microsoft Advocates might start to
>>>> believe it.
>>>> You keep saying that unfortunately you have never been able to engage me
>>>> in adult conversation and repeatedly get shown up.
>>>> For that Hadron I have to thank you.
>>> He's still trying to play the Mole, eh?
>>> "I'm an OSS 'contributor' so I get to disparage it.  Roy doesn't."
>>> *LMAO*
>> He doesn't code (not FOSS), but pretends to like emacs. Maybe that's where
>> he learns how to type of the "keyboard thingie", bashing his head on the
>> keys and memorising insults.
> Actually, you can look at it in other ways.  For example, perhaps, like
> Flounder, "Hadron" the wack job appropriated the name of another, much more
> kindly "Hadron Quark", in order to use the other's helpful posts as evidence
> to give his own rotten self a credibility innoculation.
> Or, perhaps "Hadron" really does like emacs, and uses it, and is helpful
> about it because it does not compete with his beloved "Visual Studio".  But
> in other areas his hatred of any potential competitor to his beloved
> Microsoft puts him into "Microsoft Evangelist, Anger-Management Style" mode.
> For examples, see "Hadron"'s knee-jerk reaction to me mentioning that DDD
> has a couple features I had not seen in "Visual Studio".  All my responses
> with evidence for my statement were, of course, ignored by this
> Microsoft stooge.

I've never seen any evidence that *any* of the trolls develops software.

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