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Re: A response for Flatfish/Gary or whatever

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____/ Goblin on Monday 11 Jul 2011 01:50 : \____

> Since I see you are still continuing your silliness almost 24 hours
> after I left (Sorry Gary Ive got a job, unlike you I cannot spend all
> day posting here)
> Lets answer some of the lies he's put, at the least when he repeats them
> I can just give this answer again.
> Here goes:
> 1. RE: OP's and techrights.
> I was given ops about 1 year 1/2 ago (give or take a few months)  I
> argued in the channel at the time that I didn't want it.  Since then I
> infrequently had ops.  Roy made 5 new op possitions permanent.  Ask him
> or look at the logs in respect of me being op around a year an a half
> ago....infact there will be people in the channel now who remember the
> fuss I made about getting it...I think I permanently nominated Mincer
> handle at the time instead of me.

It's mostly because MinceR goes back to around 2008 (dawn of the channels) and he's
skilled at IRC management.

> 2. RE: 7 and Inventor.
> I understand the post making the claim was years ago and before I was
> here.  I also believe 7 denies posting it.  This leaves me with a
> problem of having no proof to make a decision either way.  It would not
> be fair for me to comment, however if pushed (and 7 claims he never made
> remarks about being inventor of the year) I would be inclined to believe
> him over you any time.  Ive experienced your lies first hand Flatfish.
> As I say though,  its an incident that took place many years ago.
> 3. RE: Your Sound Engineering skills.
> Cast your mind back Flatfish, I said I didn't believe you had any sound
> skill, I didnt state it as a fact.  I didn't say "Flatfish works at
> burgerking" What I said was I didn't believe you have the skill and
> instead had a friend and a copy and paste talent.  Thats my opinion, it
> was never stated as a fact as I couldn't back that theory with any proof.

Given expensive gear, we too could make our show sound crisp. We never tried much,
it's about the content, not aesthetics so to speak.

> You then post your "pictures" - that changes nothing and I'll tell you
> why.  Firstly because I said I didn't believe you months ago.  In my
> mind if you had this "studio" and this equipment, then why didn't you
> just immediately post those pictures then, why has it taken 2 months for
> you to finally post "proof"? - That is why I don't believe you now.
> On top of that, what you did (photo wise) I could do, give me a few
> months and I'll make a date with my friend who is a session guitarist
> and I'm sure I could make similar pictures to you.  I hope you
> understand why I don't believe you.
> And then finally the thing which makes me disbelieve you is - what on
> earth would an allegedly successful sound engineer be doing insulting
> people for 16 years in a Linux advocacy group.  Is this something
> everyone in the music industry does? Is this what music professionals do
> in their spare time? - I wouldn't think so, thats another reason why I
> don't believe your claims.

Gary spreads libel about people and probably breaks UK law. As a repeat offender
he probably doesn't care. He also admits to defrauding Mandriva, IIRC.

> Thanks though Gary/Flatfish.  You have reminded me of two important
> things. Firstly the one skill you do have is to waste peoples time and
> secondly the need to be very careful how things are presented when
> around you, you lie, you decieve, you trick.

So why feed this creature? Sadly for the creature, s/he/it actually promotes
what s/he/it hopes to be harming. This creature is very, very dumb.

> I'll be bringing these answers up again on the next TechBytes show,
> along with doing something I think is overdue...that being highlighting
> the bad behaviour by you and your "friends" here.  Lets bring in some
> outsiders to look at what you have been getting up to for the last 16 years.
> Best of British.

You like cod?

- -- 
		~~ Best of wishes

Dr. Roy S. Schestowitz (Ph.D. Medical Biophysics), Imaging Researcher
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