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Re: A Look at the Next Release of Ubuntu GNU/Linux

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____/ Homer on Tuesday 12 Jul 2011 20:25 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that JeffM spake thusly:
>> (Good luck to the newbies getting good help in UbuntuForums
>> after the graybeards have all left.)
> Good luck to the few remaining kiddie "developers" too, once all the
> actual qualified and experienced software engineers run screaming to
> another distro.
> All that hostility to GNU, Free Software, the CLI, and time-honoured
> Unix paradigms, is going to bite them in the ass. IME Ubuntu kiddies
> are great at whining, great at being obsessed over market share, and
> great at wishing GNU/Linux was a bloated pile of proprietary garbage
> like Windows, but they're not so handy at actually /doing/ something
> about it.
> Ironically, there's already something they can do about it, and it's
> preinstalled on every PC, so instead of whining that GNU/Linux isn't
> like Windows, whilst trying to pervert it /into/ Windows, maybe they
> should just /use/ Windows and be happy, and leave GNU/Linux alone.
> Or is that too obvious?

There's always this crown no matter the distro it tries. It's not Ubuntu's
fault that point newbies towards it.

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